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  1. sid240z

    Looking for Diseazd!

    If anyone could point me out to a fellow that goes by Diseazd I'd greatly appreciate it! I have a L28ET I plan on de-stroking and head he's the man to talk to on de-stroking a L-series. Email me if you see this israeljaliscomata@yahoo.com
  2. Actually the answer is no. The stock will not work accurately with the ka sending unit. I bought a equus electric temp gauge today, and threw it on while leaving the stock gauge working with the ka sending unit. the stock gauge with the ka sending unit read 230-240 F. The equus gauge with and adaptor I bought (ones that goes on a radiator hose) would read 180-190F. All this while running the car hard all night.
  3. Well I do know that the later s30 boosters a slightly bigger that the earlier model ones. Drillings holes in the fire wall to fit a better booster and MBC isn't a issue for me but if it does interfere with the pedal box. Thats something I hadn't considered. With that said would anyone happen to know if a z32 MBC would fit on a s30 booster with the boosted put in at a 90 angle turn? Making the mounting bolts horizontal instead of vertical? The picture provided by R3VO 3VOM shows a different booster. I'm being very adamant on using the z32 MBC cylinder because of the fact that it may well be bigger that 15/16 meaning a more fluid will be pushed. My new plan is to get my hands on a s14 MBC or a z32 MBC (sence they are the same in terms of mounting) and do some measurements. And when we say that you can't find a new 280zx MBC we mean new not reman. A lot of people feel as thou they will be prone to trouble.
  4. But you see where I'm going with all this right? Bending new hard lines are not that hard of a task. the only thing that worrys me is clearance of the booster (with) with the master clutch cylinder. And the clearance of the master brake cylinder (length) to the strut tower. The main reason this accrued to me was with the fact of easier to find parts, and the fact that they have a better design to them. Also sence I'm using the stock fronts as rears I'm gonna need more fluid pushed to the caliper. ( the 280zx has floating rear calipers, with a one piston design. Another down side is that you have to have a mechanical hand/parking brake to tighten the rear brakes with the mechanism. A fixed caliper will fix that with 2 pistons pushing evenly-ish to the rotor. Theres a small difference in size between the two different brake pads for each caliper. I'm going to try to find that writeup you mentioned.
  5. I have a 96 ka24de in my 73z, and I connected the temperature sensor to the factory tempeture gauge. It reads it like if the stock engine was in it, but can I trust it? I would hate to overheat and blow something on my Ka I rebuilt it when it was in my s14 and its running around 4k miles on it when I did the swap. This will be temporary sence I'm going to put in a Autometer temp. gauge.
  6. Ok so I'm about to go into the process of doing the toyota 4x4 front caliper swap on my 73 240z with a Ka24de swap. But I was curious would it be possible to use the z32 master brake cylinder and booster? I now have a cable trottle so all the linkage components on the firewall are gone giving me more room. I know that the stock 73 booster is 8-1/2" diameter, and the z32 has a 9.7" diameter booster. Using the booster will let me use a 15/16" MBC while having a bigger booster. The only thing is that the booster it self may not fit because of the MCC. I also looked at the z31 booster witch is a dual diagraph at 8.7" its a little bit bigger that the stock one on diameter, I'M guessing the dual diagraph will make a different that and the fact that the z31 is a heavy little thing. The only problem I'm seeing is that with the MBC and the booster it's self it may be too long to fit. Unfortunately I can't find any information regarding the length of the booster online. The good new is that I work at Oreillys. I'm planing on ordering in both, try doing some messurements. I should probably mention that Im planing to make a bracket to mount my stock 2 piston front brakes onto the rear (yes yes yes i know). The car is used for drifting (like it or not). Theres also going to be a modified hand brake out of a s14 (240sx) witch I welded a plate together, and attached a s14 MCC to. Meaning I will be able to use it as a parking brake. Plans are to use the rear z31 brake rotors as well. I would really appreciate any feed back on your opinions towards any of this. Its always nice to have a second (or more) opinion. Thanks in advance
  7. I was just looking at that and the wires that plug in to the Ka Alternator are both the same size one is white/red and the other is yellow. How do I know which one to connect? Also I connected the large white wire and black wire (power and ground Im guessing) from the stock Z alt. wires to the Ka alt. I guessing that would work just need to know which plug-in wire to use. I'd also like to say sorry about being retarded when it comes to electrical things
  8. Wire #1 to key switch acc/on and wire #17 to a constant 12v and thats it Heres a link http://club-s12.org/retro4/index.php?topic=22919.0
  9. Lol almodt forgot google how to swap a ka24de in to a nissan s12 i found how to run the engine only problem now is the alternator
  10. I was thinking of trying to wire it to run off of the stock alternators wires just cut the stocks pigtail off and replacing it with the ka's
  11. Just finished looking threw wiring specialties website and cant really find anything useful :/
  12. I have a 73 240z witch I'm currently swapping a 95 ka24de into and I have most of my wiring done, but I was wondering how do I wire the ka alternator to work in my Z? I've searched it and i can't seem to find a answer. I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get
  13. Hey guys so I finally decided into dropping in a ka24de into my z for the sole purpose of it being a track car. I know the 510 guys put ka in there's cars all the time, an I've googled, check on ratsun and other forms and can't find how a decent write up on how to wire it. I know you can wire it to run on just two wires but how?
  14. sid240z

    l24 drift engine

    I'm sorry if this has already been talked about, but I want to build the l24 to be a drift engine it would be something new and somewhat unique. what would be the best mods for a l24 to make it into a decent/good drift engine? I already got the basics like electronic points msd coil and 6al, ngk iridiums advanced timing port/polished head and a few other things. I want my main power to be around 4k to 5.5k rpms. I was wondering if the cam from the l24 can help me get it there or if its the same as the l24 cam. And if boring it out to 2.6 litter and keeping it short stroked would be a good idea?