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  1. Thanks for the reply, I will look into it and see if there's any change.
  2. Hey all, So starting a few days ago, I would go back to my Z after work and what not and for some reason the battery would always be dead. At first, I thought I just needed a new battery, but finally one night, I was about to go out for a drive and I see that my headlights are on. I thought I had simply left them on, but then they quickly turned off.. and then on.. and then off again. I'm assuming it does this while i'm gone, which is why the battery keeps dying on me. I also want to add that when i'm driving, sometimes the left turn signal will just turn on by itself. And I
  3. thanks gollum, but it was definitely a member on here. navy blue zx if I remember correctly. he had done it somehow using faces from another gauge cluster and the rest is well.. what I was trying to figure out. I guess WTB section it is. thanks for replying ZUL8TR
  4. and I could've sworn someone on here was taking the 85mph analogs and putting 140mph faces on em and doing something to it to make it work. that's the only reason I ask.
  5. i'm really content with 130mph. and honestly i'm trying to sway away from the digital now that mine isn't working. but 85 mph analog is just weird to me. how hard is it to find a 79 130mph speedo & harness?
  6. So I know i've seen it on here before because I read it once before, but I haven't been on the forums in a while and could not find it using the search function (yes, I tried multiple times), but does anyone have a write up on how to make those custom speedometers that go to 140mph? My digital one is completely not working now, and i'm going to pick up an analog to replace it from the junker, but I was curious to know just how hard/easy that 140mph face replacement/calibration is. thanks
  7. like said in description wtb 240z grill. i'm located in Burbank CA 91504.
  8. hey blu, i've been contemplating buying some diamond racings. what size and offset are those on your zx? I was thinking 15x10 -51 and -44 in the front
  9. zguy, i will give you a call this week tyler, I will take the pump off your hands please PM me the price plus shipping to burbank CA 91504 blu, thanks for the reply but I had the xenon air dam that you have and I sold it. didn't like how it looked.. also looking for front struts now if anyone has any. just the bare struts. making some diy coilovers and don't wanna cut up my own and be stuck with nothing.
  10. Looking to see if I can get any of these parts off anyone at a good price. budget build right now, trying to get the Z back on the road. looking for power steering reservoir w/pulley for the 280zx. the bearing on mine is done, and I was told by a Z specialty shop that i'm better off finding the reservoir with a good bearing than finding a replacement bearing. also looking for a shaved n42, or n47. just something to clean up the engine bay. i'm itching to install my JSK fuel rail. MSA type 1 classic air dam or the xenon air dam and if it's out there an L28et set up.
  11. very late reply, but you got pictures mark? email me at itsaprothing@gmail.com I can respond to you faster that way. I rarely go onto this forum anymore since I haven't been doing anything to the Z lately. (all my time/$$ is going to my project TT Corolla lately)
  12. This was one of my first problems when I got my ZX Do you see yellow/clear or amber colored bits of plastic on the floor? Apparently (and I don't know the technical terms so don't flame) but there's a small circular (almost like nickel, but plastic) stopper type contact that the brake pedal hits when you're not stepping on it (or is it when you are stepping on it?) that makes it so that the brake lights turn back off when you're done braking. Problem is, nissan made the piece plastic, so if you got a ZX that's been sitting for 4 years like I did and start smashing on the brakes on
  13. Looking for 81-83 280zxt, I have very minimum requirements. I just want it to have a clean title and have a good running motor. Not looking for anything spectacular as it will be a DD/Project for me. Budget is around 2k-3k depending on the cars condition.
  14. do you mind swapping the -40s to the front and see if they would rub? I would be rolling my fenders but I woudn't get -44s if your -40s would rub.
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