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  1. Isher

    Change of Plans...

    So, I've been planning on building either a Ford V8 or the L28 in my 280z long-term project, but I've had some things happen in past months that may drastically change my plans. A friend of mine has 230 and 250 straight-sixes sitting in his shop and he's looking to do some Spring cleaning. He may want to off-load the 250, and I may be getting it in my hands. I know he re-used the L6 brackets to swap out for a 350, but I'm wondering if the reverse is possible. MSA sells a 350 V8 conversion kit with brackets and mounts, and I'm wondering if these can be used to mount a 250.
  2. I'd be pretty good on that, because I plan on installing a wideband O2 sensor with an AFR gauge in place of the clock anyway.
  3. I've just heard some horror stories about some 390cfm Holley's never staying in tune from week to week. I've heard 1 or 2 stories about how that's not the case. Wanted some opinions and to know what's out there.
  4. What carbs are you guys using? I saw the Arizona Z manifold suggests a Holley 390cfm/4150HP Carb, but I haven't heard many good things about it. I was considering using a JET Performance Holley 350cfm 2 bbl. Or a 480cfm Autolite if I could find one and rebuild it. Just kinda want to see the combinations out there that worked for some people and what didn't. Please, if you're fuel injected and are going to try and talk about how it is superior in every way to carburetors, please keep your opinions to yourself.
  5. Isher

    Some possible engine swap ideas?

    And as for the turbo idea, finding a 280zx turbo is next to impossible here. Instead of needle in a haystack, it's more like finding a grain of salt in the grand canyon. I know of a shop that has one, but it's one a customer dropped off for repair and never picked up, and the phone number they gave the shop is disconnected. They said if it weren't for that, they'd sell me it for 500, but sadly, they can't. Also, I'm not keeping fuel injection, so that's out. I'm going to carbs. So, I guess really, a supercharger would probably fit my Forced Induction needs best if I go down that path and I could probably run around 5-8 pounds with a blow-through set up and an intercooler fairly easily as long as I was properly carbed and had a good plenum. Everything's still in the planning stage and it probably won't be done for several years considering I also have school too and still am trying just to get the car on its feet. First thing is first--get the car running, buy a spare N47 block and stroke it to 3.1.
  6. Isher

    Some possible engine swap ideas?

    Thanks for the info, guys. @yellowoctopus: there's a kit on the market that converts the lower profile 4.6 manifold to fit on a 5.4 head. There's not much difference between the two (except in weight and torque numbers). I would probably still need a 3-4" cowl induction hood, but if I remember correctly, the 5.4 uses the same ECU and wiring harness as the 4.6. I've heard stories of flashing a 5.4 map on a 4.6 ECU and it working with 5.4, but I'm not too sure about any of that. I've decided to not go with a swap, because in the money I'd invest in a good engine and swapping it in, I'd be out just as much money as building the L28. Not only that, I wouldn't be able to compete in SCCA anything, which is all we really have here in AR besides drag racing in Prescott and Centerville.
  7. I've got a '77 280z. I was wanting to just upgrade the L28, but after seeing the lowest cost I could get for a stroker crank was 3000, and there is a very big lack of 280ZX Turbos around these parts of the US, I decided a Ford swap was more bang for the buck. I already know the Coyote is out, as cool as that would be--I'm too low-budget for that. I thought about a 302 or 351W, because I can find a bare block around here for pretty cheap, and with some AFR Aluminum heads and roller cam, it'd be a respectable V8. Also, can stroke out the 302. I've had some experience with 5.4's in truck applications, but I've tossed around the idea of swapping in one of those. I can find a 5.4 here in a junkyard in better shape than a 4.6. I'm not sure how well it would fit, I know the 4.6 is already a tight fit. Also, it's not a V8, but I've seen some people on here mention a 2.3T from an SVO/Turbo Coupe. I've thought about that myself, but one of the few issues I can think off of the bat is the intercooler...It would have to be converted to one sitting in the bumper/air dam area. Any ideas or experiences to toss out there?