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  1. I wanted to know how hard it was to change valve seals, because my car is leaking oil from the valves pretty bad, it gets oil on the car when driving + i think valve cover gasket leaks. Lightly smokes. Also is it possible to do without removing the head, I know you should be able to compress the cylinder then remove the springs and do it that way by using a compressor and spark plug hole adapter, is that true? thanks
  2. yea i may use some thicker oil, it will help with some psi but its harder to pump so thats the reason for the higher pressure, you dont want too little and you dont want to much pressure. Thicker would help too, slower to leak into my cylinders lol.
  3. lol, yea im just gonna get a new cylinder with new key, i dont have door keys either.
  4. Alright when I start my car, it seems kinda loud and no oil pressure, but then after a couple of seconds the oil pressure will start to gradually come up to prob bout 20psi or so id say. The noise is only at immediate startup then stops. Is there anyway to fix this? It cant be good and my oil is full. The car i believe has bad valve seals because it does smoke alittle and doesnt run as good as it should. Thanks
  5. found the problem, but i wasnt trying to be rude but the guy just came in the post, acusing me of not doing a search, which I did, I tried everything I found. Now for the problem. I figured out that its in the ignition itself, when I go to start it will click, but if i put the key in and press up and to the left while starting, the car will fire up. It has to be a bad connection inside the ignition switch. thank you for all of those who had some input, i really appreciate it.
  6. dont think you read my post very well either, if you noticed, new starter and new batt, obviously the solenoid is part of the starter.
  7. yea i did a search, found some threads but no dead answer, it mite have a bad fusible link, ill follow the wires and use my multimeter when i get home.
  8. Alright I have a 280z that I just bought, 1978 and it will just click but never start, it has started a few times, new battery and new alternator. Looking at the schematics, it looks like when you turn the key, power goes from the fusible link to the starter and it should crank. I located a relay behind the glove box, its goldish in color with about 5-6 prongs that I can hear where the clicking is coming from,so I know the relay is getting power, but not sure if this is just a bad fusible link or bad relay, any input would be nice. Its not the starter clicking, its the relay clicking.
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