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  1. jhw227

    Dash repair

    I Just ran a metal putty knife under the vinyl where it was already cracked and was just careful as I chipped away at it. Probably took 2hrs to remove it all. The easiest was where the vinyl wasn't damaged by the sun, jut peeled off in sheets. I've seen all the articles out there about recovering but I'm looking to spray the dash without glassing it. This dash is from my 73 240.
  2. jhw227

    Dash repair

    The vinyl came off fairly well with a few spots that the foam peeled a thin layer(nothing the spray foam or even the spray texture won't easly fix). Thinking of spraying coat of flex seal, light sanding to smooth out, then SEM texture. Seems the flex seal will allow for movement and not allow cracks to appear. Maybe a high build primer to fill imperfections, sand smooth and then coat with SEM texture.
  3. jhw227

    Dash repair

    I was just going to do the usual repair seen most common but too much of the old vinyl was cracked. I removed all the old vinyl and the foam looks really good except where the few cracks are. Going to fill cracks with spray foam, but don't want to glass the whole dash just to spray the texture coat on.
  4. jhw227

    Dash repair

    I have read most if not all threads on dash repair and have not seen this covered. Has anyone removed "all" the vinyl from their dash, made repairs and then refinished it? Not by putting new vinyl on, but with spray texture. If so, does the foam need to be covered with anything prior to spray texture? Hope someone has done this.
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