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  1. Sup...im planning on doing a f20c swap into my 240z in the near future...

  2. Hey, this is a question for anyone who has had the r160 and r180 diffs apart at the same time. The axle splines seem to be the same for both of these rear ends (except sti from my understanding) but what about the lsd's? I've heard of guys swapping out different gear sets within their lsd r160's but will that same r160 lsd bolt into a r180? I know that the gears are not interchangeable but I'm not sure how the lsd mounts to the gear set... maybe the same size bolt patern? any info on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  3. Z2000

    Drag night

    No this is not Eric's racing. I haven't been on here in a while, I did my F20C swap about 2+ years ago (I think) and had some bits and pieces posted. Now I'm back! gonna get some numbers for the trim it sits in now, then I have a winter project I will be taking on that should make a sizable difference on how the Z performs and will still be completely streetable. Still F20C, still N/A!
  4. Z2000

    Drag night

    Just a heads up for anyone who might be interested. I'm gonna try to work out a few little bugs on the Z the next couple nights. If all goes well I'll be at Infineon Raceway this wed night to see what she can do. Hope to see some of you out there!
  5. Sorry for being away for so long.. This is a short clip of my dyno tune session just after the engine was back together and running. The car accelerates MUCH harder then the stock engine was doing. Currently I'm still fighting a cv axle problem (think I have it figured out now) which has kept the car off the road for a while, plus I've had very minimal time to keep forward progress. Enjoy!!
  6. Yo man I love your car- Id love to see some more pics.

  7. Z2000

    Dyno Video!

    I would like to make it on June 6 but I'm still not sure yet. I will for sure be letting you guys know when I get out to the track and hopefully I wont be having anymore drive terrain issues.
  8. Z2000

    Dyno Video!

    215 rwhp @ 9300 on a Mustang Dyno which ususaly translates to about 240 on a Dyno Jet and near 300 @ the crank! It scoots! Those of you who are familiar with mustang dyno know exactly what I'm talking about.
  9. Z2000

    Dyno Video!

    NA all the way! for now at least... Proper runners with good plenums make more power then ITB's in high rpm application due to dynamic events that are happening. ITB's have much better throttle response though. My manifold is sleeping since I'm still running the stock cams. Need some agressive ramps to wake it up and make some real power. I bet you can guess whats next on my to do list.
  10. Got dyno results today. Gained 15 hp over the entire curve and 30 at 9,500 rpms, compared to my previous intake and exhaust tune. I was expecting more but i cant complain when Im running stock cams and bottom end.
  11. Z2000

    torque specs help

    google it and im sure you'll find something
  12. It's alive! Just got it running tonight! I'm scheduled for a wednesday tune on the dyno. More updates coming soon.
  13. Haha, You don't. You would have to bring the car to my shop and some money! Most of the custom work I do for others is porting cylinder heads because I'm an expert at it and the bang for buck is amazing! I usually don't do custom fab for others because it's sooo labor intensive and everyone is looking to get a smashing deal. What's your project anyway? rotary...
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