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  1. Thanks for the info on the Machine Shop, I do not know them personally, but do know people that do, they have an awesome reputation thanks for reminding me, as I didn't put them as a "vendor" in my build book...
  2. Sweet, I am still in the tear down phase, and selling everything I do not need, have a busy few months ahead for work, so I don't expect to pull out the plasma cutter or welder to summer... but I will do what I can while I have time...no rush... but can only imagine the fun this will be to drive.... I love the direction you're going with your motor.. I am going AFR's on a forged stroked crank and rods... perfect is really 408, but might make it a 427 just to say it has a 427 lol Looking forward to seeing your build..... can't wait till I can do some measuring...
  3. Thanks for the thread, How did you like running a big torque motor vs. a high revving one?
  4. Interesting way to make some power, I just finished reading up on how to go about it, I had heard about it for years, but always thought it was too "exotic" although I used to think that about strokers, and been having good luck with them for quite a while now, from putting a stroked 4.0 to make it a 4.3 in my jeep... to a few Chevy and Ford motors of cars I have built... I will have to see some flow numbers as aluminum heads are pretty reasonable for what they give you + not stuck to one manifold.. If anyone is interested,, this is one of the pages I did my research on... http://www.th
  5. Thanks for responding, I plan on doing a "full frame: as well, as I am going with a shortened 9" and a 4 link in the rear.. I have a rust free Z thankfully, I am working from rear to front on this build.. and was just going to connect to the "front sub frame" as it is solid... I haven't done the measuring it is going to take to see what I am facing up there... + I am leaning to go with a double a-arm suspension up front. which gives me some options, as well as challenges.... Would like to know more about changing out the flanges, and I might have to fab all the way to the radiator to g
  6. Hey, I have seen talk,of dropping a 351W in, but was wondering who's done it and where are the links? Thanks, I looked and Googled... I am still in the tearing down side of the build, and was thinking going LS, as I can pick them up for relatively cheap, and it makes good power with a few mods.. then I started adding everything up to get it the way I wanted it, and realized, I can go "old school" and get all that and more for the same money...and not have the "electronics' part of the equation to deal with.. I had a Stroked 351W (408) in a 70 Mustang.. and it was a beast, perfect street/
  7. I have talked to a number of people about it, and have heard a lot of pro's and cons for each...Still not sure which way I will go, Starting from the back to the front on this build... And I have hurt my brain and wearing my body out with all the calculations, drawings, and ordering steel and supplies. Slow but sure on how I want to do the back half at least...
  8. Its one of those things.. you get what you pay for.... I have seen some that look like someone just fired up the welder, and tossed parts at it...... I have had success with Heidts and if I decide to do it again... I will invest in one from them, and make it work... had to do the same thing for a 57 T-Bird, , considering it had a big block ford, and that front bumper came close to giving me a hernia putting it on...it was worth the effort...LOL... thanks for all the input.... I have a lot of reading and costing to do...
  9. Interesting, because it hasn't been that way on any of my installs, and like you said, a number of things would make it pull to one side... Off to pull out the motor trans now.. I got good help... and time.... I think it will be like anything else.. a game of numbers... Thanks,
  10. Got a few more books on chassis and suspensions.... more things to look up and cost out before I go one way or the other... Interesting that you had those issues with a Double A Arm... I have used Heidts exclusively (although they are all close to the same) and I didn't have either of those issues on any of my installs....I guess that is why I was / might be still leaning that way... Its what I have had success with..getting well versed in what a well modified strut set up is all about, before I do anything else, tonight starts the beginning of the tear down.... I have time...Thanks for the t
  11. Thank you, I refer to the Double A Arm Front Suspension as IFS, because the world I came from (building old muscle cars) called it that.. I will not refer to it like that anymore... I have had some good luck with the Double A Arm Front Suspension on heavier older cars (was night and day in a 55 Bel Aire, I have quite a bit of experience with them, Having done 4 of them, 3 that were made for the vehicles they went in, and one I had to make work,, and I got it right, maybe beginners luck? So thats is why I was thinking of going this way, I also like the idea of 5 lugs, and the rim and brake c
  12. Im am no stranger to IFS or the fabrication needed to put one in, my last 4 builds all had IFS in old muscle cars.... I am asking the question because I wanted to know if anyone thinks its worth doing an IFS, or that the aftermarket has built everything that enhances this somewhat "dated" strut technology.. Thanks for sharing the build of your frame... It confirmed a number of things for me, which is awesome to know before I start digging in...
  13. I am not as good with how to link on a forum as I am with fabricating steel... but here goes..http://forums.hybrid..._1#entry1005609
  14. Hi,I am still in the process of a build list, and this site has answered every question but one.. I have searched, and found one person, that is going to go with an new IFS in his Z,and I am stalking that post to see how he goes about it.. I know they make great aftermarket for the strut suspension in the front, it seems like it would be a no brainer if it is a better option.. I would like to hear everyones opinion, for or against... BTW, this car will probably see a little of everything, but mostly street... as I build to drive um...Thanks in advance..
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