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  1. That car is long gone, never did get the title so i sold it... Got another one about a year later lot better shape and a clear title, car gets dropped off and she runs great for about a day, then bam! 3 stuck valves and now she sits till I pull the head and clean all the valves or find a great deal on a turbo motor.... Heres a few pictures of the car from the previous owner...
  2. i need a pinout or digram of ignition wires for some reason car wont start. Figured id try and bypass the ignition see if that was it or if was wires in between. Thanks in advance!! This is my first z btw...
  3. lol yeah I really need to clean all that out. Hmm big plans well first and foremost I want to clean the car up, fix all the rust and get the car running. After that who knows, ive thought about an RB swap or keeping the six and putting on a turbo or building it up and getting as much NA out of it as i can. But for now im only setting little goals like new tires and replacing broken or missing parts. In the end the car will be a weekend toy and that leaves me with alot of options as to what can be done.
  4. K got some more pics... YES i know she still needs a bath... Looks like i got some work ahead of me huh? Comments are welcome!
  5. wish i had your interior it looks to be in good shape unlike mine. If you do want to part it out how much for the dash?
  6. Ok sorry its taken me so long to get back on here. I will try to get more pics on Thursday. The car was supposedly only sitting for a year and a half. From what ive looked at so far the frame rails are in good shape and the only place that has rusted through on the car is a small spot in the floor pan. BUT there seems to be alot of surface rust along the cowl and the rockers. Ihatejoefitz I had no idea there was a $100 z on cragslist... where might it be? lol I found this car through a friend of a friend ect. And so far no sign of the badger... Lots of snakes though...
  7. Hello all! Im new to the z world and here is my new "to me" Z. Not sure what my plans are for now, probably just see if i can get it running ect. Everything looks original and it has a 5sp WOOT! I will post up more pics as i take them, spent all day after work just getting it out of the field it was in. And yes i know that only one pic is just a tease... This is the spot minus the car, notice something funny? WHAT THE HELL? and yes that is a baby snake in the giant hole...
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