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  1. hope this helps since the car is blue, not exactly the same blue as the one you want though. sorry that the hoods all dusty but you kinda get the picture. Carbon fiber tail. sorry this one is not too visible. another of Carbon fiber spoiler & CF tail light panel. here's a couple when my car was white.
  2. hey man what wheels are you running? ive got a white 240z and im liking the look of yours

  3. just curious to how your Z's comin along thinking about doing that kit as well.
  4. yo that ♥♥♥♥ looks dope man....I love the carbon fiber hood.....yeah let me know about the glass, i can hook it up for cheap....the only thing is the freaking shipping is expensive....

  5. who dat.sun?

    the Z

  6. hey post some pics of your ride so I can check it out....

  7. Can anyone recommend a body shop that does custom work in the bay area? I'm looking to have my car wide-bodied. thanks
  8. I was curious if it were possible to use the bullet style mirrors, sold by MSA, as fender mirrors. They seem to be shorter than actual fairlady z fender mirrors. Has anyone used them as fender mirrors? please post any pictures. thanks
  9. i Highly doubt they produced any but it would be somewhat cool to have. haha think about it race Z. family Z.
  10. Will this radiator from JTR work with the rb motor?
  11. Has anyone used any of their RB/Z parts? lookin for some feedback to decide whether to have parts custom made or order from them.
  12. I was wondering if I could/should weld this area back together or if I could cut it out and weld in some new metal. It is where the front sway bar mounts. Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.
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