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  1. how much hp and tq do u got running through it?
  2. For those with the T56 how is the shifting and clutch like? i drive my cousins 07 civic si and really like how you dont have to put much effort into it. clutch is soft and dont have to press down much and shifter is easy to push in and out of gears fast. which makes for a really good urban car. i was wondering how compareable the T56 is to this? like do you get a dead leg after a while of use on ur t56?
  3. would the wiring invovled wiring a tpi be just as difficult as LT1 wiring? I most likely would get the wiring done by someone though.
  4. Havent seen a thread that has a bunch of people posting pics of there aftermarket wheels. so post pics of your aftermarket wheels along with specs (make, size, offset, etc..) pleaseeeeee put specs in i hate seeing good looking wheels and not being able to identify them
  5. Write up on a aftermarket paddle shifter install. just thought it was interesting. Dont know if itd bolt on with v8z? for$600 looks like a cool upgrade http://www.popularhotrodding.com/tech/0507phr_twist_machines_paddle_shifter_install/ the unit can be bought from : http://www.twistmachine.com/products/shrifter.html
  6. ohh thanks. well itd might be something id like to add in the future, but i gotta spend my money of engine upgrades still haha
  7. http://bobsbarnfinds.com/showpic.cgi?1000450-694960_5.jpg is this a aftermarket product or custom job?
  8. looks like it was done nicely, i rather have some sort of soft material looks better and would probably hold up to sun wear better
  9. has anyone tried covering there dash in suede like material by themselves? I was thinking of using like head liner material with the foam backing on one side and heat resistant glue. but the contours is probably the biggest problem of making it work
  10. well he'll be using it as a part time daily driver. he has a tacoma that he also uses, but he wants something fun. were both kind of getting into older cars to learn about cars. we aspire to be amateur mechanics. If there wasnt such a big price diff i would probably tell him to go with the 280z but the 260z seems like a steal
  11. oh and 260z has no ac which is probably a problem since its hot here in az. he might be able to manage with those ciggarette light fans. or get a msa kit
  12. my friend is looking to get a z. the 280z is clean with new paint, tires, etc.. which warrantes the $5.5k price i think. and then theres a $3k 260z in pretty ok condition not immaculate w/ a delarto triple set up. i was thinking that since the 260z has a triple delarto setup it would be a good buy snce those are expensive. i know the carb setup takes more tuning than efi, but he takes his cars to mechanics anyways. so which do you guys think would be a better buy? generally speaking...
  13. update: well from the looks of it i think im going to go with a smaller displacement and a supercharger system for extra power if i cant get to 300hp. i really dont want to drive to the point where the experience is so sedate...when i drive this i want to be engaged. ill mainly be using this article and the advice ive gotten so far and the books ive ordered http://www.hotrod.com/techarticles/302_small_block_chevy_dyno_test_tune/index.html
  14. If i had money to blow id give it a shot esp for just $639. i wonder why the kit is so cheap though? most turbo kits are a couple grand atleast
  15. just randomly found this site while doing my 350 research. Twin Turbo Kit for Chevy 350 v8 1000+ hp by banks mechanical engineering group. this looks so awsome!@#$@!#$@!#$ http://www.bankspower.com/twin-turbo-system.cfm
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