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  1. I did the same thing as Coopz on my 280ZX with the power locks, DZ start kit, and alarm. This way I don't need a key for anything other than the hatch. I took the rod out that would be used for the inner door lock manual switch and hooked it up to the actuator. I had to massage the inside of my door panel to make the actuator fit but you can't tell from the outside. Mine is a 280ZX though.
  2. The LT1 t56 is long gone. There was something wrong with it anyways. It had something rattling inside of it that I couldn't figure out.
  3. I know it's been a long time since I posted but I've been busy starting a new business and slowly working on the Z. However I am hoping to Z back on the road for the summer. I've got a lot done in the past couple months and basically I'm down to some wiring and a little bit more fabrication. here's a teaser pic...
  4. I fab'd up my radiator and intercooler mounts today....
  5. 80LS1T

    LS1 turbo

    my 1980 280ZX conversion from an LT1 / T56 to a 2002 LS1 / T56 with a turbo!
  6. I ended up just ordering some fittings that I thought would work. I ened up with... EAR-9919DFHERL 14MM X 1.5 ADAPTER EAR-9919DFJERL 16MM X 1.5 ADAPTER From summitracing.com. Not 100% the flared part will be leak free just yet but they threaded in and are tight. I will find out once the motor is fired up and the p/s pump is pumping!
  7. Does anyone know the size of the fittings going into the rack and pinion on a 280ZX? I need to make some power steering lines for my LS1 conversion. I think they are 14mm x 1.50 and 16mm x 1.50 bubble flared(talk about lame). If anyone knows if I am correct and where I can get fittings to convert them to AN fittings that would be great. Otherwise I will have to make my own fitting conversion hose and I really dont want to do that! LOL
  8. Ya I need to change my name to 80LS1T Build is coming along. I've been super busy at work and at my shop so not a whole lot of time to work on my own stuff. I have the piping for around the engine pretty much finished up. I have to check all the pipes for leaks before I send them out for coating though. I'm still hoping to get it on the road this summer but I do have a lot of stuff to do yet like wiring in the new motor....my favorite part Not sure if you can see it in the pick but I swapped out the stock oil pan for a GM 19212593 kit. The pan sump is only maybe 1" below the
  9. rsicard, can we please keep this info on the LT1 out of my build thread? It really has nothing to do with what I'm doing. This is not a "should I stay LT1 or go LS1 + turbo" thread. Please start your own thread if you want to talk about how great the gen 1 and 2 engines are. Thanks
  10. Yes I am. I'm going to run 3" pipe if I can. Looks like it will fit but its going to take some work to snake it through there.
  11. If your buying a 77' then its a 280Z not a 280ZX....
  12. I think your info is incorrect but thats just my opinion. I'm done with this conversation. I hated the LT1 and its horrible aftermarket cost per HP. Its now where near what the LS engine is per dollar
  13. "Could have saved you MUCH grief by modifying the LT-1 to get 500+ HP and Torque from it in Naturally Aspirated Configuration. See AFR heads SBC Dyno Tests. Their heads are FAR superior to the GM cathedral port cylinder heads. GM finally went back to rectangular intake ports on the latest Gen V SBC in the Corvette and Camaro and upped the performance over the cathedral port heads. AFR already had Gen I and Gen II (LT1) heads with the latest Corvette/Camaro intake port configuration as I witnessed at SEMA in Las Vegas." I have no intrest in that POS LT1 engine anymore . I couldn't stand
  14. Well I found out that the C6 manifolds will work but I need to use 2 left side ones. The passenger side is pointed to the rear and the drivers side is pointed towards the front. So far so good!
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