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  1. Thanks for the info. I'd be interested to know how you get on. If you get a contact number for them please could you pass it on to me. Many Thanks
  2. Thanks for the heads up Doug, I have looked at that system. I like the Zpowersteering set up because I've drive a 240z with it fitted and it has great feel. Hopefully someone else has used them before.
  3. Hello chaps I'm trying to get hold of these Guys http://zpowersteering.com/ to ask them a few questions about there system. I've tried emailing them a few times but I get no reply. Does anyone have a contact number for them?? Cheers Matt
  4. Agree with Brapp 100% on this one. I run this on my race 240. It truly is a fantastic bit of kit. A must for anyone wanting to use high rpm, and a "nice to have" on a road car. I've had no problems with wear and it's dead quick to adjust. Sharpens up your throttle response after youv'e tightened it, but wines a bit like a supercharger if you over do it a tad!
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