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  1. Well I am selling my Twin Turbo Supra powered 240Z (see classifieds) and going to build a 2nd gen Camaro. What is the best site for this swap? Cheers
  2. What speed was the 2007 wind tunnel testing performed at? Any one got a copy I can buy? or direct me to? Thanks
  3. Will a splitter on front wand no rear spoiler create problems. I plan on a 1 to 2 degree rake on the 240z. Thanks.
  4. Hello, Just stopping in for this. I did the 300ZXTT carrier in to the Armada R230. Armada case 300ZX LSD Ford Ratech shims to make the gears line up. 300ZX output shafts Armada 2.94 gears 300ZX input flange Billiit stubs Did it in 2005. The first of its kind and all is well. Ran it a laguna, drag racing, 6500RPM clutch drops and all is good. If you need any info let me know.
  5. I had no idea. I read about the rally racing he did. Pouring gasoline of the clutch all race long as oil was dripping on it. They finished not due to the speed but rather the reliability. I was also amazed that he got sent to LA (Gardina?) to launch the Datsun dist. This was due to him being a "trouble maker" in the company. Never met him. I thought he as dead awhile ago. RIP, cheers, Mr Yutaka Katayama!
  6. Just got back from Laguna Seca. I raced with "hooked on driving" club. I have never been on the track before. I brough my 2JZ-GTE 240Z out of hibernation. 402 HP at the wheels 2800 lbs (she is big boned). I had a coach all day and learned alot. I could not believe how fast we went. I was sweating and had a dry mouth. It take a while to get used to drive so fast. Unlike the street your line is not determined by the line painter, but your will. Hitting the rumble strips put a smile on my face. The car stuck like glue with victor race 700s on it, only once did the back start to slide a little. I have new respect for race drivers. It is takes huge nerve to keep the power down on Laguna's straight. I had good power so I could pull on the 911 Turbos, GT3, and Skyline on the straight, But they had better corner speed. Awesome day. I worked for 5 weeks to get the car ready. I only had 4 hours of sleep the night before. When I got home, I went to bed at 7pm I was so tired.
  7. Update; The fronts are cobra 2002 The rears are C4 corvette 1996 I installed a 280Z brake booster. It required drilling new holes in the firewall. It is 8.5" in diameter. I just clears the clutch MC. I drove the car with the same HPS pads. It is a beast. Stops right NOW. Good feel. It looks like aggressive pads are not required with this booster. That said I understand that aggressive pads would make this setup even better. I cannot emphasize enough how much difference the booster makes. Cheers, Cyrus
  8. Will a 260z 7 1/2" brake booster bolt in a 1972 240z? I heard there are 4 to 6 different models. I want to clear my clutch MC and bolt in. So I figured a 1973 booster would be best.
  9. cyrus


    2JZ-GTE 1972 240Z
  10. More pics to catch up. put aabout 30 hours into it. So much more refined. Its all in the details!
  11. Mods can I update some earlier posts in this thread but they are locked. Some pics.
  12. So I dropped the suspension and pulled the strut tube out. The cap looked tight upon disassembly. The bottom of the shock was a little beat. I check the gland nut thread they were good. I checked the tube and found a slightly damaged thread or two. Cleaned the threads and LO AND BEHOLD THE GLAND NUT WENT DOWN ANOTHER ROUND!!! When for a drive, NO KNOCK! Unbelievable. Thanks RebekahsZ you hit the nail on the head.
  13. I removed the proportioning valve because I have a wildwood one. Are you using the stock P. valve only??? Thanks
  14. These http://www.modern-motorsports.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=60_61&products_id=58
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