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  1. What car do i ask for when i order the engine rubber mounts for the DETT or for the matter any other engine parts? I'm gonna kustom fab. the mounts and support brackets. Any suggestions??? If i 'm not running a hood and since its a hot rod would placing the ICs behind the rad. be ok? maybe with a slim fan.
  2. Are the turbos on the DETT water cooled and is it feesable to run an IC with a 2 in and 1 out to TB?
  3. Does the 30DETT come stock with an IC??
  4. Ya the whole setup only cost $1000 can, which in my opion isn't much at all. I've hada few ppl in the bast on this forum try to tell me not to bother and lol i don't like ppl telling me i can't or should not do things unless it for an actual valid reason , lol that would be a dam fast dunebuggy, I'm juts finishing up the body right now, but i will post the pics soon. Any ideas on how to mount the engine securely, I.e. no stress cracks later on and so forth? The real good thing about the motor is its a little bit shorter then the SBC thus give me more leg room in he cockpit. Plus i think a hot rod with an IC sitting out in front of a rad will look kick [@ZZ] p[lus the two turbos if i did my measurements right will stick out just past the hood and will draw fresh col air and it will look awesome with the filters sticking out of both sides of the engine bay.
  5. Also what is a good tranny for this engine if other then OEM
  6. I want to put a 30DETT into my hot rod, 1927 model T. I just want to make sure i am going to have all the parts i need. It is a full kustom car and I want to do something different. Please I don't want to hear it cannot be done or your better off with a SB. It will work perfectly for my application and i love the look/perfomance of this engine over the SB Required: Engine with turbos exhaust manifold Tranny transfer drive shaft Wiring harness IC ECU mounting brackets Is there anything else i will need or that would help. Also where is the best place to get a wiring harness and ECU? Does Mega squirt work for this engine? if not what other Stand alone system would you recommend? Thanks
  7. Ya man if you plan on doing to work yourself, i'd say jump on it, body looks not too bad wish cars looked that good at their age up here north of the border, our cars look like swiss cheese in 15 years
  8. I think i'm gonna do DET, not sure i can fit the exhaust for the turbos in between my frame with out a crap load of moding
  9. Fuel economy isn't a must at the moment i was just wonder what the MPG would be. I know the engine would easily stick out and in fact i mean them too. I would situate the turbos outside the car so it works for me. Just wondering the exact measurement of the Intake manifold see if that will fit under my current hood, lol besides I could always go hood less. Thanks for the the idea on the other engine. I have another car that would be perfect for.
  10. Well its an idea just be unique. The car is a '27 ford model T. I wanted a JSPEC engine for kustom, But I was just wondering which would be better. Also the SBC weighs alot more with a power to weight ratio.
  11. I want to put a VQ30 in my car but i can't decide on which one. It will be daily driver/weekend track so i want something dependable and moderately good on gas. I want power, but i want reliably more then power. Is the TT reliable? Does anyone have the actual engine size dimensions of both the VQ30 and the TT. I'm not sure if it will fit in my engine bay. I did some searching but i didn't come up with anything. I have a V8 SBC in it right now. I want more power potential.
  12. I just wanted to do something different plus i have future plans for building. I just wanted a list of stuff i would need for the swap for number crunching and for my own knowledge. I want to play with a nissan engine as i have worked with SBC, SBF, KL mazda engine, so i just wanted to try. So what would i need for the swap??
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