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  1. Thanks, dsommer. Seems like the market has dried up for now... Still keeping my hopes up
  2. Thanks for the leads! $1500 is a bit north of what I was hoping for... $1000 may have worked if the listing was in SD. $6~700 for the crank was what I am hoping for.
  3. Here ya go: http://s581.photobucket.com/user/prentoe/library/SD22 Key is that the starter is on the driver's side.
  4. Looking for a bell housing from a 720 or D21 diesel pickup with SD22/23 engine and 5-speed tranny. Let me know if you have any for sale or any leads! Thx.
  5. In need of at least two LD crankshafts to build stroker motors. Willing to buy the entire LD28 engine. Please let me know of any leads as well (e.g., Craigslist ads, EBay, etc.) Located in San Diego, CA. Thanks! Erik
  6. ErikP

    V07 LD Crank

    Bump once more
  7. ErikP

    V07 LD Crank

    Still looking. Need these in San Diego.
  8. ErikP

    V07 LD Crank

    Bump. Need at least two
  9. ErikP

    V07 LD Crank

    Thx Mike. I sent messages to the two postings. Got in touch with one and waiting for a reply from the other. Looking for other sellers as well.
  10. I am looking for LD cranks. I am located in San Diego. Please send me the price and a couple of photos. Also, hopefully I can have my engine shop check it out and ask for a return if the crank is damaged (cracked, warped, and etc.) There are too many bad parts out there nowadays. Erik
  11. I was wondering if anyone knows where to source the 50th anniversary pin stripes (Four black and three gold pinstripes). Erik
  12. Alex, I am actually building the project car down in San Diego, CA. Is it possible to send the unit??
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