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  1. like i said i already have a reground cam, just not entirely shure of the specs untill i find the spec sheet, but been told it helped it rev out way better. the other reason i wanted to use the l28 manifold is it has way less emisions crap on it than the l20 manifold also, it is the 05l head i'm working with. jap spec l20et
  2. hi guys before i start, please don't say chuck it away. i'm not aiming for maximum power out of this build, it's just a low budget rebuild, plus i have 4 complete l20et engines for parts lol this going to be going in a r30 skyline which will be pretty much daily driven the plan is: rebuild block with new rings and bearings, block should just need a light hone hopefully, but will find that out once the engine is opened up most of the work will be in the head. i have an l28e intake manifold off an n42 head. since i won't be useing tis on the l28, i figured i could make use of the bigger runners for more flow on the l20, and port the head to match, clean up round the valves ect. and just try to get it flowing a big better. in your expert opinions, will this work or am i wasting time? i have a reground cam in one of my spare engines, unsure of specs tho as the specs card has gone walkabout. also have a vg30et steel shaft turbo, vg30et injectors, and a 55mm throttle body which should fit the manifold lined up. along with a fmic and a 2.5" exhaust i already have on my other r30 is there anything ive missed out or should look at doing while i'm at it? also unsure if i'll need heavier valve springs? what are the factory valve springs capable of?
  3. as i mentioned earlier,i'm pretty sure nz never got the l28et, or if it did in really low numbers,as it was i had 2 spend months searching for a l28 that didn;t cost the earth and wasn't at the other side of the country lol just out of curiosity, what would you do with an l20et crank?
  4. hey, i'll b in touch about the rods. do you have any pictures of what you've done with the oil pickup? yes i will be going for an aftermarket engine management system, probably a link or microtech, but havn;t done my research in that area yet this isn't a factory turbo engine, as i don;t believe nz got the l28et. this engine is a non turbo n42 (yes with dished pistons)
  5. ok, so been searching through the vast multitude of posts on this site, and it's pretty much left me with more questions than i started with :S and since there's nothing like having your own questions answered personally, i'm going to aska few, please don;t flame me 2 much ok, so i have an hr30 skyline which has an l20et under the hood (05l head, not sure on block) in my bedroom i have a complete l28 of the n42 variation minus 1 rod :S the goal is l28et pumping out 300rwhp from what i understand, compression ration on the l28 is around 8.5:1 am i correct? this would be a fairly ideal compression ratio for turbo? will there be any advantage going for aftermarket forged pistons and rods, considering my power goals, and the cost involved of either importing some or getting somthing made locally? (there are practically no aftermarket parts for L series engines in nz) now the l28 has a bent rod, are the l20et rods the same? stronger? weaker? from reading the forums, seems getting the bottom end balanced is the way to go. i was considering knife edging the crank, but again, with my power goals in mind the the cost involved, is it worth it? now the head. i have the l20et head, which has 05l stamped on it, and i have the n42 head. which is gonna be the better base to start from, and will the l20et head even go onto the l28? porting...again, is it worth it for the cost involved? cam, whats the ideal cam grind for an l28et? (really want a lumpy idle but prob not idea with turbo setup?) not gonna sak questions on the bolt ons side of things till i've sorted out the engine build. the engine will be built with all new bearings, rings seals ect. cheers guys for all your knowledgeable advice, this is one great forum keep it up
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