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  1. ok thanks guys, umm well do you know about around how much hp i would would have if i got a l28 and did all that to it? i have heard of people getting a 280z block and a 240z head is that the best set up staying in the early z engines? i really appreciate it.
  2. Hey iv got a 260z stock engine with a 280zx 5 speed tranny and looking to do an engine rebuild i wanna make sure i get all the good stuff. what i want to do is bore it out, shave the head and get a valve job done on it, and get a high performance cam, and i wanna know how much horse power that will add, and if i'm missing anything els.... and what kind of pistons do i need, and what cam is the best.... (don't have enough money for the triple carbs) iv got the webers but should i get the SUs? and how much does it cost to stroke and how do you stroke it? and i don't want someone to tell me to look before i post unless you can find that exact information yourself.... thanx
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