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  1. I have the injectors you need. $60 shipped to your door. jkoch8104@msn.com.

  2. Title is self explanatory for the most part. I'm just getting her running until a decsion on the engine can be made...
  3. Holding the injector to my ear I can hear it hitting, it's just delivering fuel until manually depressed
  4. Funny thing is I hear the injectors cyclIng
  5. Its installed, running that diagnostic now, thanks brother this fuel injection is giving me fits and I wanna drive her!
  6. The jumbled mess down there refers to this rail and injectors that are kinda a pain to get at lmao
  7. this is what I've done so far, pulled the rail and injectors but they have power and just arent pulsing open best I figure.... I was going to jump off the + of the battery since it's right there unless the current isn't stepped down before the injectors...
  8. No there's plenty of fuel coming through them but I'm getting zero pressure on the return? I'm heading back into the shop in a bit after more reading on these things
  9. Thanks bud, it just looks like a jumbled mess under there to me, much the same as you guys looking at my dumb posts:lol
  10. As you all know I was having quite a time with the damn harness on my 78. The injectores are firing, it's in time and I have spark... Now the question, Is there a small cap on the end of these injectors that has some function? Mine have deteriorated and the injector will deliver fuel when the needle houseing is depressed and the engine will fire when I throw gas into the head so any idea guys? Is it these simple caps?
  11. Yes it turns over but won't fire then promptly fries an ecm.... everything checks out as far as I can tell and I have the diagnostics. It seems as if it's just frying them some how for no logical reason. The injectors are hitting, pull a cap and there's fire at the plug so I'm at a loss here fellas
  12. To reiterate my point to those whom may have information, the complete fuel, ignition, and harness have all been tested fine and it is is still frying ecms.
  13. Everything has been tested, including the fusible links, I was under the assumption it wouldn't be elementary.. My question directly relates as to what can be frying theses ecms. It has spark, fuel and air and is in time. My question as originally stated is what may be frying these damn things before I go insane-r:lol This ain't my fist rodeo, just my second but I'm tryin for a buckle guys... I'm about to say to hell with it and just get mega squirt and ditch this crap.
  14. I received two working ecm's off a member here on the site and just today got around to throwing one in there. Both are known good ecms and I'll be damned if I just didn't fry one. I've got the test light out and can't get anything at the starter or relay and at a total loss as where to begin. I've read the endless accounts of this headache and have searched my butt off already. Anyone care to point me in a direction as to why it may be frying the ecm's and where to start trouble shooting? Thanks in advance for everyone's time and patience. RK
  15. I had no idea they did that, I missed the first 30 minutes of it. I've always had a problem with those dang tails on such a curvy car. I search around all the time for round tail conversions and one-offs
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