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  1. Glad to see the updates and that all is going smoothly!
  2. It is an early 240z. The z that is in my default picture.
  3. Hello all I have been given a 240z body (no engine/trans). Its going to need some rust work, paint, and interior work if I plan on restoring it. My plan is to invest a nice amount of time and whatever money that is financially smart for a resale. I am considering all options here to make the best turn around profit. I have considered doing: 1) a V8 swap (used SBC and T5) and skipping interior work to make it a track car 2) V8 swap (used SBC and T5) with total interior overhaul 3) finding new z motor/tans and restoring car I realize lots of people do not like the V8 swap and are going to tell me to restore it to stock just because. But my only intentions here with this project is to flip it and make a few bucks. I just wanted other peoples opinions on this project. Thanks in advance! Ryan
  4. God what an amazing project you have been hammering away at! Really motivated by your work and cannot wait to see more updates. Ryan
  5. Does anyone know of any links where someone documented their whole V8 conversion with pictures and descriptions?
  6. I don't plan on doing any Drag Racing so I was leaning toward leaving in the stock rear-end. And this link http://forums.hybrid...diff-mount-faq/ made me lean even further towards leaving it stock.
  7. Great link, thanks so much for that. One more question: Is there a specific T5 tranny from certain cars that will bolt right up to a SBC or do all T5's bolt to SBC's? Sorry if thats an ignorant question. Ryan
  8. Hey guys I have always been wanting a project 240z car and finally I have it. I am going to throw a SBC in it and some coilovers and so on and take it on the track/street. I have spent a good amount of time searching other threads on here reading about the V8 Swap and I finally felt that I should introduce myself and ask a few questions. I am trying to keep this project fun (It's a father son project. I am the son) and simple but at the same time I am not one to cut corners...but I love to save money and time if I can. Anyway, the V8 SBC is the only thing I have decided on; since I have time yet till starting the project. I would like to hear from some of you guys what setup you have after the SBC. Something that will handle the SBC yet be easy to match up. I see the most popular are the 88-92 T5 tranny and the R200 rear-end. To state the obvious, I want to install my engine/tranny/driveshaft/rear-end and not worry about wear and tear for a long time, while keeping it simple and saving money. Sooo...... What I lack in knowledge is this: 1) What is the easiest match-up (engine to tranny to driveshaft to rear-end) that will handle the SBC that you know of? 2) Is keeping the stock rear-end even an option for this track car project? 3) After the rear end to tranny have been decided on what's the best way to go about matching-up the driveshaft? Thanks for welcoming me to the forum guys. Interested in the feedback. Ryan
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