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  1. Yeah I did before sending them off to be cleaned and flowed.. They are all 2.5 to 3 Ohms.
  2. Nothing has really changed with my setup though other then the injectors.. I have been running this setup fine for 6+ years with the supra 440cc mk3 injectors. MS1 has a 12 x12 table.
  3. I will post up on there .. I have never been on it before.. I cannot attach it.. Can I email it to you? PM me your email address if thats cool . Thanks!
  4. Thanks for your response!.. I have tried tuning non open loop and open loop.. both do the same hunting for AFR.. I looked at EGO control and I do not see anything that refers to PID. here is a screen shot as to what I see for EGO.
  5. Hey HybridZ ! I am running a L28ET with JE pistons nismo HG T3/t4 50 trim turbo .. Mega squirt 1 extra rev 029V with Tuner Studio MS v3.0.10 I used to run Supra Mk3 turbo 440CC injectors (low emp) and switched over to these Denso 19550-1350 RX7 NA 460CC injectors (low emp).. I sent them to be flowed and cleaned. They all tested good and actually flowed 492 @2.25 bar fuel pressure.. However when crusing the AFR is hunting and never really stabilizes.. I set the required fuel for 460CC and I played with the Injector open time and the PWM under required fuel. With the Supra injectors I had the open time at 1.2ms same as the PWM. It does not seem to matter much if I change it to 1.0 , 1.2 or 1.3ms with these .. I have searched and searched and cannot find the dead time for these Denso Rx7 injectors.. They are Pintle style and I think the Supras were (disk with multiple holes ) has anyone had any experience with running these Rx7 injectors and tuning with them? at 25% throttle and at WOT they seem to have stable AFR right at what I am tuning for. Thanks for any help!
  6. Ok, back on the road! Still not sure about the head gasket.. Thanks to Jonathan Taylor for helping me do the coolant pressure test.. We put 16psi in it and it really didnt go anywhere.. We did a leak down and every cyl was 10% leak down accept one.. Cly 5 was 20-25.. Not great but not terrible..
  7. Hot side of the IC pipe is almost done. Just need to clean it up and paint it. Hugh thanks to Mike at our local speed shop Top Dead Center for welding the pipe up for me so quickly! Just one step closer to getting her back on the road. Hot side welded up.
  8. So I got my Turbo back from being rebuilt!! woot woot! now to start putting her all back together! All the bad parts
  9. RESULTS! well at least bench results.. Soo I used a heat gun pointed at the bottom of the manifold before and after the gold heat tape.. I showed a slight difference in heat soak on the manifold.. It looks like it dropped only about 10 degrees. I was hoping for more but about what I expected.. However.. I did the same test with the gold reflective tape and my jet hot coated heat shield and that made a huge difference. about 20-30 deg cooler.. These tests are very far from being "scientific" but at least it showed me a very small sample. I think if you have the money, Jet Hot coating the whole manifold would do better then the gold heat tape and in combination with the heat shield would also help a lot. Ambient Temps; With out DEI reflect a gold DEI Reflect a gold Added Jet hot coated heat shield.
  10. I am thinking about ordering some and doing a heat test of the manifold.. Run a heat gun under the manifold acting like turbo heat and measure the heat soak.. Then put this stuff on and re measure.. thanks for the Info Tim..
  11. Turbo should be back this week.. Also upgrading to 550CC injectors and Champion Radiator.. Will post pics up soon.. Also thinking about re routing the IC piping under the motor to the passenger side and then forward to the IC.. Pipes should be no longer then what I currently have but feel it will clean up the engine bay a good bit.
  12. Thanks man.. Tokico springs with Tokico Illumina struts..
  13. So while everything is apart on my 77 280Z turbo, I was thinking about the DEI reflect-a-gold heat tape.. Was thinking about coating the bottom of the intake manifold as well as the runners and maybe even the IC pipe or fuel lines and rail.. I am running a T3/t04E 3" downpipe .. I have had this turbo setup for many years. I have a turbo blanket and the downpipe is wrapped with header wrap. Does anyone have any real world experience with this stuff? Their claims are pretty impressive if it actually is true. with the intake directly over the turbo, it should help with heat soak. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/dei-010396/overview/
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