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  1. I just donated and wanted to sell my parts but the system will not let me post.  Please advise.

  2. My 240Z has molded on rear fiberglass fender flares that look great. The problem is the seam is starting to fail and crack. I am having the car torn down to bare metal and repainted in a few months. The shop will install but cannot make metal flares so I am looking for some to buy or have someone make them. I found ssworx online and they make metal flares has anyone dealt with them? Are their flares any good? I am only flaring the rears and I am going for the look like a widebody Porsche 911. It is wider but still makes sense and looks like it was designed that way from the beginni
  3. I recently bought a turbo motor from another Datsun guy. I am trying to figure out what year I have so I can build it properly for my swap into my 1971 240Z. The guy gave me a bunch of parts that I am trying to sort through what I have. The ECU has a part# of A11-652 805 which I believe is an 83 turbo ECU? The wiring harness has a part# 24011P9700 which I think is an 82 Non turbo? Is this any different from an 83 turbo engine harness? The harness is in decent shape other than the connectors and boots are a little broken. I have just 2 spliced wires in the main harness for
  4. When are the first batch going to be sent out?
  5. Awesome. I just sent PayPal. Looking forward to seeing it! Christmas present for me!
  6. Let me know when you have them and the cost and I can send a paypal payment
  7. I am fine that you need to make money on it so don't feel bad raising your cost.
  8. Savage42. Are you still making these? I would like one but haven't heard if you are making them still since the last message.
  9. I am interested for my L28ET swap in my 1971 240Z to keep it clean.
  10. I had this exact issue and chased it for months!! Drove me crazy. Basically no pressure until almost the very end and then brakes would grab. It ended up being the brake booster that was leaking somewhere. What was even stranger was that it held pressure!!! But since I couldn't figure it out and that was the only thing I hadn't changed I gave it a shot and it worked!! Even my certified mechanic who helped me on it couldn't figure it out.
  11. All, I have a 1971 240Z that I want to swap the L28ET. My end goal is 300-350HP and 300+ lb\ft torque in a super reliable street driving way. My 240Z is my weekend fun car and is in great shape and running fine with dual weber L24 in it. I have another local Datsun guy who needs some cash and is selling me this motor set up for $1000. My thought is to put the engine on a stand and since I have no timeline take my time to go through it and upgrade, repair, etc. I would love to know if you think this is a good deal and what I should think about for upgrades\repairs. Here is
  12. NewZed, That helps me see that I might be able to get it even cheaper which is good. I have been searching for L28ET's in the Oregon area and there aren't many out there. My question would be if I get the car what are the other components that I should consider taking off to upgrade my 240Z? Do the half shafts and rear cailper breaks transfer? Are there other parts I should consider keeping? I will be rebuilding it and upgrading along the way but it seems that for 750-$1000 is a decent deal for an 83 Turbo that appears to have the bottom rebuilt already.
  13. Here is what I am driving and the set up. 12-70 production 1971 240Z. L24 with dual weber carbs I had the T5 tranny rebuilt with B&W Short shifter so it is in great shape Arizona Z flywheel and Centerforce Dual friction clutch Custom driveshaft with replaceable u-joints R200 with 3:9 gears (has a whine in it) Arizona Z mustache bar, drop downs, and solid rear mount Original half shafts with new u joints. The rest of the car is all 240Z and in great working condition. I found a complete 1983 Turbo for sale that turns over and supposedly has receipts for a lower e
  14. I just got done installing a freshly rebuilt T5 with a B&W Short shifter into my 240Z. As is the common problem 1,3,5 gears hit the front of the center console. I would like to keep the center console intact if I can. How have people modified this to make it work and still look good?
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