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  1. Before and after. Prep work included spraying with aircraft paint remover, sanding and polishing the letters/lines, 3 coats of engine primer (VHT), and numerous coats of VHT wrinkle black paint. Before: After: What are your thoughts of doing the same to the stock air box?
  2. Good point, but I consider myself a mechanical guy, with no body experience, or welding experience. I suppose I could learn, but id rather not learn on a car that I shell out 6k for. The car will be garaged, and never driven in the rain, so hopefully new rust wont (or will be slow to) occur. Thanks again, Keith
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. So I am wondering how much money the battery tray area will set me back if I get a body shop to repair it. Has anyone on the board had this type of work done? If so a ball park figure would be nice. Thanks, Keith
  4. Hey guys, You guys have given me good input here before, so I figured I would see what you guys thought about this car I am currently interested in. http://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/3758357768.html The car seems pretty sold, seller seems very nice. The battery tray area will need to be cut out, he sent me pictures and there is rust every where around that area, rusting through to the fenderwells in some places. The door also looks like it has pretty bad rust on it. So now for the question, how much do you think this car is worth? About how much would a body shop charge to repair the rust in the battery tray area and door? Thanks, Keith
  5. Thanks for the feedback fellas. From the comments given, it may be worth a waiting for the right one to come along. So from the research ive done, I cant really find someone that lists the differences between the 240/260/280, besides the bumpers and quality of interior etc. Suggestion for the forum would be to sticky something like this question for newbies? Thanks, Keith Olschner
  6. Hey guys, I have been thinking about purchasing a 240/260/280z for a while now. I have done my share of research on this car for the past several months. I am looking to get one of these cars as a weekend driver, would like to mod it- Start with suspension, wheels, flares, etc....maybe end up with a swap(V8), or turbo. I am really only looking to purchase one locally, so cant drive too far....needless to say a lot of the cars I have come across so far have not been perfect (rust, unknown miles, etc). I came across this one, what do you guys think? http://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/3654467232.html I would need to buy a new front bumper/valance (don't mind the no rear bumper look). The guy is unsure of actual mileage, but odo reads 66k. He says there was some rust he has repaired (floorpans and corner panels). Interior has been freshened up (new carpet, recovered seats, etc). Original color was metallic green, has a small oil leak...he thinks just a oil drain plug. "smokes a little" when he downshifts he says. Is it worth the price? thoughts are appreciated! Thanks, Keith
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