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  1. I have a 77 l28 I pulled out of my 240z when I swapped the turbo motor in. It had a rebuilt cylinder head, 72 round top SU's with SM needles, E12-80 distributor, MSA 6-2 header, I could throw in the turbo flywheel/clutch I had on it too for a little extra, pm me if interested.

  2. Hello all, I'm looking for an 81 l28et crank pulley, the one with the CAS wheel on the back. The one on my car went out and I'm having a hard time finding a replacement as it's a one year only part. If anyone has one they are willing to part with or knows where I can get one that would be great.






  3. Well, thanks for the input guys. I got it started today, I found that I actually had everything hooked up right, but I had my feed and return lines going from my surge tank into the stock turbo fuel rail mixed up... :icon56: Anyway, the car idles nice, but dies when I try to rev it, which I believe is due to extensive vacuum leaks (various things not hooked up) and not having the intercooler plumbed yet.  

  4. Hello, I'm currently trying to complete an 81 l28et (with stock electronics) swap into my 73 240z, and I have a few questions about the wiring. Before anyone refers me to the search bar, let me say that I have already gone through every wiring guide I could find, and as far as I have found, everything that needs to be in plugged is, and I have the right wires running to I think the right switched power sources; but all it does is crank. I tried to use this wiring guide (though for an 82-83 l28et swap) to figure out where to wire all of my switched power to, but the wire color combinations for the ignition switch in this picture don't match what I have on my 73 240z, so I'm kind of lost. 




    My Ignition switch wires are B/W, B/R, W/R, B/Y, G/W and look like this




    I have the yellow wire coming from the 280zx turbo ignition harness plug going to the ignition switch. the two B/W wires (the one for the Ignitor and the one by the efi relay) hooked together going to a 12v source on my ignition switch, and my fuel pump switched power going to a switch wire in the fuse box.



    (the two B/W wires are in the left, the yellow wire from the 280zx turbo ignition harness plug is in the middle with the black tape on it near the top of the photo)


    What are the correct wires should I hook these into at the ignition switch? I have the B/W wires going to the B/W and the yellow going to the B/W at the ignition switch, the fuel pump it going to a wire off the fuse box, but I think the problem is that while the car is cranking the power drops down from 12V to around 10 or 9 where I have all of these spliced in. Don't these wires need a steady 12V while cranking (both of the B/W, Yellow, and fuel pump switched)? Does anyone who has done this swap know where to wire these that has worked for them? I know that it is getting strong spark, and I can hear my fuel pumps running when I have the ignition on, but all it does it crank. I believe that the ecu is working, I know this because I hooked up the blue/red wire from the 280zx turbo fuel pump relay (which is controlled by the ecu) to the switched prong on my fuel pump relay and it shut them off after 5sec of priming. Could it be possible that my AFM, CAS, or TPS is bad? I have a 240sx 60mm TB/TPS swapped on, do I need to change any of the wiring for the tps or could that possibly be what it keeping it from starting? Is there a way to for sure test any of this without buying new parts? Could the 280zx turbo's neutral safety switch, possibly be what is stopping my car from starting? Do I need to hot wire it or something? And if so how? Does this resistor need to be plugged into anything? I so, what/where?






  5. Well, my attempts an l28et buying recently have been fruitless, but I'm not giving up hope. If anyone has of knows of where I can get an 82-83 (preferably 83) l28et with or without the wiring harness somewhere in the Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky area, please either pm me, email me at bjkraemer16@yahoo.com, or text me at 937-829-five five 2 3.






  6. Hello, I am about to pick up an 83 l28et, with matching ecu and necessary electronic sensors/components in a few days and have some questions for the wiring gurus about this swap harness I recently purchased. This will be my first engine swap, and the engine will be going in my 73 240z. The harness I have came from a 73 240z running an 83 l28et so I thought everything should be fairly plug and play. But after looking over numerous write-ups on the swap, and going through my harness I found it is missing stuff and is different from the other 83 turbo harnesses I have seen on the forum. For one there isn’t a plug for where the 280zx turbo ignition harness connects to this harness; however I have found wires near where the ecu plugs in where it could have been. Here are some pictures




    From left to right - (yellow with white stripe) (solid yellow) (solid yellow merging to a thicker gauge black wire)

    Anyone have any idea as to if these went to the ignition harness plug or possibly should go to the ignitor?


    Moving right along, on the other side of the harness (180 degrees around) are three more cut wires (only two pictured). They are a black wire with a white stripe, a white wire with yellow stripe, and a solid black wire. Any ideas what these go to/should go to?




    A little further down is a cut blue wire with a black stripe. Any ideas what this went to/is for?




    Next is an insulated black and red wire both in the large grey insulator. I read somewhere that the black wire was just a ground, can anyone confirm this? I have no idea on the red wire.




    Right next to that is a plug with a black grommet and two wires coming from it they are yellow with green stripe, and black. I’m not sure what sensor this is for but I believe it is either the knock sensor or the oil pressure sensor, the plug is similar to the injector clips, but its on the wrong side of the harness. Can anyone confirm what this is?





    On the other side of the wiring harness are two connectors I ‘m unsure of what they hook up to, one is similar to the injector clips and the other also similar but has 3 pins. They are slightly up from where the AFM wires branch off.  Any ideas what these go to?




    Front view




    Slightly further up the harness from those two plugs, is the black wire pictured.  Anyone know where this goes? I’m thinking maybe to the temperature sensor or something.




    Alright lastly, on the opposite side of the harness, I have a weird box with three wires coming out of it, they are green, brown, and black. It hooks into the harness near the fuel pump relay and has a constant 12V from the battery post going to it. I haven’t seen this in any of the write-ups and am scratching my head as to what it is and why it’s in the harness. Anybody have a clue?




    I know it seems like a lot to ask, but I’m really blanking on some of these. If need be I can supply greater detail on where some of these are located on the wiring harness. Also does anyone know where and what wires I will need to hook the ignition harness to on both the 83 280zx turbo harness and on my 73 240z? Or where the igniter would wire into this harness? I need to know if I should pick up the ignition harness when I get the motor later this week, or if I can just extend some of the cut wires if they are the right ones I’m thinking of. Also is there supposed to be a main efi relay in here somewhere as well as fusible links? Because all I have found is the fuel pump relay, and haven’t seen anything similar to the fusible links posted in the write-ups. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.





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