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  1. Hey, not sure if you still need one or not, but I have one from my 81 l28et. $30 shipped or come get it, I'm right outside of Dayton..
  2. Yeah, I tried MSA and zcarsource but neither would pick up, waiting to hear back.
  3. I have a 77 l28 I pulled out of my 240z when I swapped the turbo motor in. It had a rebuilt cylinder head, 72 round top SU's with SM needles, E12-80 distributor, MSA 6-2 header, I could throw in the turbo flywheel/clutch I had on it too for a little extra, pm me if interested.
  4. Hello all, I'm looking for an 81 l28et crank pulley, the one with the CAS wheel on the back. The one on my car went out and I'm having a hard time finding a replacement as it's a one year only part. If anyone has one they are willing to part with or knows where I can get one that would be great. Thanks, AaronK
  5. Well, thanks for the input guys. I got it started today, I found that I actually had everything hooked up right, but I had my feed and return lines going from my surge tank into the stock turbo fuel rail mixed up... Anyway, the car idles nice, but dies when I try to rev it, which I believe is due to extensive vacuum leaks (various things not hooked up) and not having the intercooler plumbed yet.
  6. Hello, I'm currently trying to complete an 81 l28et (with stock electronics) swap into my 73 240z, and I have a few questions about the wiring. Before anyone refers me to the search bar, let me say that I have already gone through every wiring guide I could find, and as far as I have found, everything that needs to be in plugged is, and I have the right wires running to I think the right switched power sources; but all it does is crank. I tried to use this wiring guide (though for an 82-83 l28et swap) to figure out where to wire all of my switched power to, but the wire color combinations for
  7. Oh well, Thanks anyway. I may have a lead on one.
  8. Hello, I'm chasing a working 81 280zx turbo afm. The part # is A31-624-600. I will pay extra for shipping, you can either pm me, email me at bjkraemer16@yahoo.com, or reply to this thread. Thanks, Aaron
  9. Sorry about the double post, mods please delete.
  10. Well, my attempts an l28et buying recently have been fruitless, but I'm not giving up hope. If anyone has of knows of where I can get an 82-83 (preferably 83) l28et with or without the wiring harness somewhere in the Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky area, please either pm me, email me at bjkraemer16@yahoo.com, or text me at 937-829-five five 2 3. Thanks, Aaron
  11. Hello, I am about to pick up an 83 l28et, with matching ecu and necessary electronic sensors/components in a few days and have some questions for the wiring gurus about this swap harness I recently purchased. This will be my first engine swap, and the engine will be going in my 73 240z. The harness I have came from a 73 240z running an 83 l28et so I thought everything should be fairly plug and play. But after looking over numerous write-ups on the swap, and going through my harness I found it is missing stuff and is different from the other 83 turbo harnesses I have seen on the forum. For one
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