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  1. My buddy Walker Morgan build whole new turbo kit last year. Manifold alone was 60h of labor and it is pure work of art!
  2. Did this tubular front end about 2 years ago. So much more room for activities afterwards.
  3. I am looking for thread with 2007 windtunnel testing and it looks like I am blind can anyone tell me where this info is at?
  4. When I got back from Tx2k I left the Z with my buddy Kris (same guy that did my whole dash rebuild/upgrade). Being that we are both perfectionist when it comes to our trade I got exactly what I imagined from him for my interior to look and then some!!! I am fortunate to have best friend like him!!! Here is photo dump of whole project...
  5. Got my windows tinted at midnight just few hours before going to Houston for Tx2k16! At Tx2k16 with 1320video crew.
  6. Man I am way behind on updating this thread... Ok so lets see what I have been up to for the last six months! Last time I took my car to the track I ended up breaking my torque converter adapter in two pieces! I ended up upgrading that to TitanMotorsports single billet piece adapter $$$ but so worth it! While trans was out I had if refreshed. Ati trans overflow catch can I got really tired of driving car on C16 ($15 per gallon) it took fun out of driving the car. I went from 1000cc injectors to 2200cc injectors and E85. Got the car retuned and on 3 psi of boost less (36psi on c16) it made 822whp (44whp more than on C16). That is still on stock factory non turbo 2jz bottom end and best part now it costs anywhere from $1.50-2.00 per gallon.
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