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  1. I need a good non-seperated crank pulley from any Z 70-83 with the timing gauge that belongs to that pulley. By timing gauge im talking about the degree gauge that mounts on the front cover. I need these parts asap, quote me a price shipped and we can use paypal to close the deal. Im also open to aftermarket crank pulleys do the same quote me a price shipped. Zip code 49224 Thanks Jason
  2. I have done the 240sx transmission swap in my 280z, and the trans that i bought did not come with the nuetral or overdrice sensors so now i have to threaded holes that i dont know what to plug them with. My question is what is the thread size of the holse or where can i find the sensors? Thanks Jason
  3. Thanks a lot guys and Gabe this is jason with the metalic blue z from michigan btw i decided to start fresh on hybrid since zcar is a ghost town. Thanks again Jason McGuigan
  4. Ok well i know the reverse one, i have the sensor still in that because it was on the z bell housing when i swapped them. THe other two over/ final drive and nuetral arent needed for the my Z can i just plug the holes with the proper sized threaded plug?? thanks Jason Mcg
  5. For my sds purchase i need to know what the outflow of these injectors are. I dont know if anyone can help meID them but igot them off ebay a while back (6-7) months and i cant remember anything about them and of coure i didnt right it down. They are black topped non-barbed supra injectors i believe. Thanks. Thanks again Jason McG
  6. Ok this is a but embarasing but its been a few (6-7) months since i have touched my Z and i dont know what is supposed to go in these 2 threaded holes on my converted sx trans. I included two pictures any help would be great. Pic:1 Pic:2 Thanks Again Jason McG
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