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  1. robert b

    Vexing exhaust leak

    I'll try tightening the headers on my Workmate and see what happens. I certainly hope it is not the heads that are not flush. Thanks for the tips
  2. robert b

    Vexing exhaust leak

    I have 76 280z. Datsun Spirit did a STR 2.8B rebuild for me and I installed an MSA 3-2-1 header with a plug in the EGR connection at the header and intake manifold. After about 200 miles, the car developed an exhaust leak. It started with a ticking sound and progressed to a loud banging. I could feel exhaust pulsing out the side of the engine. I removed the intake manifold and header and found that the center top bolt was stripped and thought that led to the leak, which was confirmed by black streaks on the header and gasket. I put in a helicoil, fixing the stripped bolt, installed a fresh gasket and reinstalled every thing. Started the motor up and the loud banging was still there. I could feel the exhaust pulsing out from between the number 5 and 6 cylinders. I am now on my fourth go around of changing gaskets, reinstalling everything and the leak persists. I took the headers to a machine shop and was told that while there was a slight crown in the middle, there is now way it is causing the leak because torquing the headers down would bring everything into alignment. I did notice a black streak on the header flange between the number 5 and 6 cylinders. I also noticed that the gasket appears clean with no discoloration that might be associated with a leak. Could the exhaust be leaking from some place else, like the plug for the EGR tube at the header? Any ideas?
  3. robert b

    My 76

    Thanks for the exhaust fumes tips everyone. I'll post pictures of my dash soon.
  4. robert b

    My 76

    Thanks. The paint scheme was "inspired" by the IMSA GTP 300zx. On the exhaust fumes, I'm going to recheck the rear deck seals -- I've replaced all of the seals and gaskets.
  5. robert b

    My 76

    I've been lurking on this forum for about 3 years as I was restoring/modding my 76. It started as a stock light blue car (like the one I had 30 years ago). Datsun Spirit rebuilt my engine (STRb). I upgraded the bushings (most urethane), and installed Koni struts and Eibach springs, all of which vastly improved the handling and ride. The interior is mostly stock, but I had the dash, which was horribly cracked, covered in alcantara, reupholstered the seats, installed new carpet, pad and dynamat and installed a RetroSound radio and speakers. Still struggling with exhaust coming in the back and, last weekend, it developed an exhaust leak at the header. Until the exhaust leak, it was great fun to drive. Nice strong acceleration.