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  1. If i use the ground wirewhich one should i use there are two grounds per coil pack?
  2. I'm thinking i would use the 5volt trigger wires.
  3. Will i use the 6 trigger wire or the 6 ground wires?
  4. can I just run the diodes off the negative side of each one of my coil packs and then also run a diode coming from my tach wire? thanks for the help
  5. please tell me how to hook up the wiring to make my stock 280z tach work with the 6 LS coils
  6. I'm sure this has been covered previously. Can someone please tell me how to get the tach wired correctly so it will work with 6 Ls2 coils? thanks Tim
  7. just bought 2001 Kia Sportage front door rubber seals from Pick a part in ontario, ca. $6.33 each. they work AWSOME took less then :40 to install on my 1972 240Z VERYT HAPPY
  8. Please help looking for warm-up enrichment settings MS II L28et
  9. I got spark and timing is set at 10° while cranking the engine. But it won't start it trys to fire a couple of times. It seems very rich plugs are wet black smoke coming from exhaust pipe while cranking. What do I have set wrong.
  10. Thanks. I think I figured it out I had the dip switches set wrong working good now.
  11. I bought a MS II assembled from DIY coil driver installed by DIY. my problem is hooked up to JimStem board I can not get a consistent engine rpm. also the fuel pnmp light is not steady it flickers at the same rate as the injector banks. please help
  12. L28ET T3T4 TURBO STAINLESS VALVES STAGE 2 SYNDER TURBO CAM ARP HARDWARE DUAL BOSH 44 FUEL PUMPS AROMOTIVE FPR NEW 3/8 SUPPLY AND RETURN FUEL LINE 3" manderl bent exhaust 2 1/2" manderl bent intercooler piping tial waste gate and blow of valve hoping for 350 to 400 rear wheel horse power I will be using the stock dizzy with Diy wheel to start. ready to buy megasquirt ecu just not sure which one is best and easiest to tune. I would like to control fuel, spark, fuel pumps, fans all with ecu. Please help if you have experience with megasquirt
  13. Ok thanks thought someone might have done this already and could give me the answer.
  14. L28ET with tial 50mm bov I'm trying to find out which spring to use. Or if anyone nows how much vacuum these motor pull ican figure out what lbs spring. thanks Tim
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