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  1. I want to give my 240z a wider more agressive body does anyone know where I can get a kit to look like the Z in the video or a place that could make a wide body kit? http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?feature=plcp&v=yvZn_VzSyC4
  2. Here in NC If your vehicle is at least 35 years old, it doesn't have to undergo safety or emission inspections. I'll check out lt1swap.com also where would I send the pcm to?
  3. What is the un necessary stuff and thank you for referring me to the book I ordered it hopefull it'll be here soon.
  4. I know what a PCM is but are there different types and do I need a particular one?
  5. I know what a PCM is but are there different types and do I need a particular one?
  6. Alright I found it before when I searched there were 3 so I wasn't sure which one
  7. I want a street car that can put newer sports cars to shame but my biggest fear is the wiring harness really anything wire related I'm completely lost in that field... Does anyone know of a write up on this?? That is really my biggest issue
  8. I want to do a LS1 engine swap from a camaro to a 240z so I'm seeking HELP. I've looked at other peoples builds and learned a good bit and just want to make sure I fully understand. 1. What all do I scrap from the camaro besides engine, trans, and wire harness 2. Where should I get my mounting kits 3. What all needs to be done to get the car into a running driving state Thats all I have for now
  9. Was curious what mpg others are getting out of their Z car
  10. NVM GREAT write up thanks for going above and beyond very helpful
  11. Please send me a copy would greatly appreciate it christianjacobhagan@gmail.com
  12. Thats what I was thinking I just wanted to get other opinions just in case there was something better or worse that I didn't know My other question would be what all do I need to do after I get the engine to make the car driveable transmission etc
  13. After debating I decided to get opinions from people who have done or know about the swap Which would be best in a 240z LT or LS Cost Fab required and any kits available Easiest Best overall performance Weight/hp ratio
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