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  1. My R200 vsld diff needs new bearings can anyone tell me the part #'s for the bearings and seals? would the be the same as the regular 300zx turbo diff?
  2. turns out the CAS positioning key is broken so when i reinstalled the CAS i didnt didnt get it aligned properly and it thru off the timing i reinstalled the CAS lining it up with the broken drive pin key and it fired right up. anybody have any experience replacing the CAS drive pin.
  3. having an issue with my RB26, Engine was starting and running fine i had the cam covers, the coil cover and the upper timing belt cover powder coated . after installing the new covers the motor wont start. It turns over and its getting gas but no spark, where should i start looking?double checked the ground and still no good.
  4. I need a fuel sending unit for a 76 280Z. Anybody got one in good shape?
  5. anyone know what happened to www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips every time i try to acsess their web page i get The requested URL was not found on this server.
  6. i have the 1986 maxima caliper conversion on my 76 280z i need to get new brake hoses made can anybody give me the specs for the fittings please.
  7. Looking to add AC to my 280z what model of Nissan AC compressor is interchangeable on a RB26 motor
  8. Would like to add AC to my RB 26 powered 280z will the Ac compressor fit? Has anybody done this
  9. Would like to use a 76 280z tank with my RB26 swap will it work
  10. the plastic fan on my heater blower is broke but the motor is fine, any options other than replacing the whole unit.
  11. Any current z-store coupons or discounts out there?
  12. I have a multimeter and a power probe just have not had the time to crawl under the dash and chase wiring. I plan on doing it tomorrow if I have time.
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