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  1. do you have the moldings for the front and rear bumpers?

  2. the shocks are sold, I only have the coil over springs.

  3. the shocks are sold, I only have the coil over springs.

  4. Hi

    Are the Tokico's just the shocks? so i have to buy the Eibach springs also?

    And how is the condition?

  5. If you're willing to sell the z32 adapter by itself let me know how much.

  6. Please send pictures of the 300zx transmission, clutch, flywheel, adapter, etc to arifsealey@hotmail.com

  7. Will $500 including shipping for both item is doable? Please provide a more detailed info on the SDS plus pictures. Will you take paypal?

  8. DRZ,

    Please advise current condition of the following and if you can send some photos. Also please provide final good price. Really interested.

    Interested in these two:

    -Autometer pro comp wide band, almost new - 100 obo

    -SDS EMS controls fuel and spark complete standalone computer, MSD 6A - 500 obo

    Email: salhugojr@yahoo.com



  9. Coolant looks ok( I dont think it ran long enough to notice, I change the coolant 15 miles ago), but is doing something that could be a sign of a head gasket failure, whe the t-stat open, I get consistant bubble coming from the radiator opening( where the cap goes), the head gasket I used was used( never gave me the confidence that it was good to use, even if it is a metal material) I do have arp studs. So if is the head gasket why it only smokes when is warm??? I cant figure this one out. Thanks for the inputs.
  10. Yes, after having my car tune with sds i have experience a few problems, 5 days ago started smoking(also missing at all RPMs), is a white with blue smoke mix after the engine was warm and at running temp, I did a compression test and it all came out at 150 psi( the compression test was performed with the engine cold), change the plugs and still the same, I dont suspect the turbo to be bad because it got rebuild 200 miles ago, just wanted to post up my problem and see if anyone had the same problem or have seen anything like the problem I currently have, thanks for the inputs.
  11. All I see is red x, please help.
  12. Looks good, what year vw???
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