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  1. They're at that angle in those pics with the stock s130 rear struts, on s14 coils they sit at proper angle and it doesn't ride like a boat anymore
  2. That's not true lol When I bolted it up it was if anything too low
  3. I just like it better like this lol, it handles better, stops better and took less trouble than going the route everyone else does, plus i can go lower )
  4. it physically takes long to come back up, and it sometimes feels stuck and i don't have to pump the brakes for them to work
  5. I just did full s14 front suspension with z32 30mm calipers and after I bled the front brakes. The issue is that now I press the brake pedal and it takes long to come back up like as if it were stuck. Could this be a bad brake master cylinder or brake booster or did I bleed the brakes wrong??
  6. Ill post some pics of the rear soon, I haven't been able to put the front on the ground yet due to some complications with the new brakes
  7. Adjustable s14 front lower control arms and tension rods (needed trimming to fit the zx crossmember) S14 front spindles S13 front coilovers S13 modified tension rod mounts Q45 inner tie rods s13 outer Z32 brakes (almost done just need lines)
  8. noilan

    suspension pics

  9. Ill have pics up by tomorrow afternoon, its pouring rain here currently
  10. i have an 83 with s13 rear suspension and s14 front suspension, all 5 lug what i wanna know is if there would be any interest in a swap kit for the front and if there is i might duplicate what i did for the rear as well, the main point of the front kit is to change the tension rod mounts to the s14 ones, i can take pics as well if you guys would like to see
  11. I got a 1984 z31t harness and ecu (also an na z31 ecu) setup for free, and have access to 2 cars worth of parts, i also have the a 83 distributor and oil pump drive shaft. my question would be, what do i need to do to make this work with my na l28? i would go megasquirt but all these parts were free and i dont have a job lol
  12. but i need to see them clear enough to put them back the same way
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