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  1. Thanks for the replies, I am definitely staying pre-1975 because of smog reasons. I was thinking of the roll bar for added stiffness and rollover protection. The car will be tracked and autocrossed regularly. My gut says 240z haha
  2. Hello, My first car was a 71 240z w/ an l28et swap and I regret selling it so I plan on getting another s30 soon and doing a LSx/t56 swap. I have the opportunity to buy my first car back which is very unique but I was thinking of getting a 280z instead. They are cheaper to buy and are said to be more rigid. One of my concerns about the car is safety since I will be driving this car a few times a week. I know the s30 is not the safest car, especially compared to modern standards, but is the 280z much better than the 240z in terms of safety? If not, I would rather buy my 240z back and put a 6pt roll bar in it because it will be lighter, stiffer, and more desirable. Which would you pick and why?
  3. Hello, It will not let me start a topic in the classifieds but I wanted to pass along that I have Haynes Manuals for 240z,260z,280z and 280zx for sale. I want $5 plus shipping, message me and we can go from there. Thank you
  4. I did switch from a aftermarket 180 degree to a oem 180 degree tstat which has a 30% larger opening. Was the smaller opening helping keep the coolant in the radiator longer so that it can cool off better?
  5. My l28et was running around 180 degrees normally when the temperature would start to spike randomly. It would reach upwards of 210+ degrees. I just replaced the thermostat with a nissan oem 180 degree unit and it holds the temperature steady but around 185 or so on my aftermarket temp guage. When going up hill, it will get up to 190 which makes me uncomfortable. How should I test my temperature guage and should I be worried about these temps.
  6. Let me know what you have and how much you want
  7. I have a large fmic on my 71 240z right now. The previous owner installed a small cone air filter right behind the radiator and I was thinking that it cannot be a good place for it because it will be breathing hot air. Will the fmic make the cold air vs hot air intake negligible? Where do you guys mount your intakes to make them breathe cold air?
  8. Let me know what you have, must be matching locks for one key
  9. I am running a 83 zxt l28et with a big front mount intercooler, 12 psi boost, msd fuel pump, cold air intake, 3" exhaust, stock downpipe, 280zx n/a trans, r200 lsd with aftermarket half-shafts, all running on a z31 300zx ecu The car runs great and is plenty fast but I was wondering what the best option would be to get to the 400hp level. I was thinking of getting bigger injectors, bigger turbo and msa downpipe and pushing my luck on the n/a trans Would the 300zx ecu be sufficient for this power level or will I absolutely have to upgrade to a standalone ecu like megasquirt? Am I missing anything? I am new to the L6 platform and would appreciate any help, thanks!
  10. Let me know what you have. These are the ducts that go from the center to each side of the dash into the metal vents
  11. I have a r12 service valve that looks like this but it is stuck in the open position. http://thumbs1.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mw64HfPk78hZ4jZlrpFvWjg.jpg Has anyone been able to find a service valve that threads into the 280zx ac compressor but fits a r134a fitting?
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