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  1. cool deal. theyre starting to do cruise ins on broad/main alot again now.
  2. therell be plenty of pictures.. tomorrow im going to start tearing the cluster f*** of a body harness out. it looks like helen keller did it during a tornado so im going to completely redo it and start fresh. heres a picture of majoirty of my cars. the chevelle is one im in the process of doing for a quick flip. my dad and i restore chevelles and camaros for a living. this one is a '66 with a mild 454/muncie m22 trans.
  3. hello all, name is andrew and im from far east tennessee. current cars are a '96 rb swapped 240sx and a '49 ford f1. have a few projects going on that include a '96 240sx with a built sbc with big single turbo that will be for straight line, a '93 24sx convertible that has a garage paddy ca18det (made 744whp on dyno) being built as my main drift car for next season, and i just recently picked up a '70 240z that was started as a project but failed. it has a 2j swap (auto trans), wilwood brake kit with 6piston caliper front, coilovers, and 5zigen fn01rc's. hoping to get some info on the swap since ive never owned an s30. currently i run my own shop restoring/selling classic muscle cars and parts. anyways, heres some pictures of my most recent purchase.
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