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  1. Okay, so something happened to my post, so I'll try again. I want to talk about my build and my experience so far, and if any of this applies to you, your mileage may vary. To start, I've always wanted a z-car. Since I was 18 or so, I got to take one for a drive and it was impressive the way it drove and handled for an older car. Now that I'm older I can get what I want, I am still limited by time and money, both of which are in short supply. I had a lot of expectations that were very wrong. I am posting this for two reasons: First I like talking about myself. Secondly, I don't want anybody to make the same mistakes. My initial expectations: 1: This would be easy 2: This would be cheap 3: There would be a clear set of instructions 4: This would be done quickly So I was able to pick up an '81zx for about $900, it had some engine issues so long story short, I pulled the engine and xmsn and sold them on craigslist for $700. I had to replace the hood ($40 craigslist), radiator ($100 aluminum black friday special), mirrors ($30 fleabay). I had a copy of the v8z conversion manual from stealth conversions and planned my build based on the manual. This manual is awesome and has a lot of information. It does not cover the zx though. I figured this out when I went to order the motor mounts ($260). Now this might have been easier for some folks, I don't have the most mechanical experience. I know how to turn a wrench, change my oil and fix my brakes. This has taught me a lot. So I scored a complete 350 w/accessories from a junkyard, 5.7l vortec block for $100 ($200 after enviromental fees and taxes). Pulled the pan, intake and heads. Everything checked out okay, replaced gaskets and head bolts(~$150), and got an edelbrock intake ($50 offerup). I replaced the harmonic balancer ($70) and crank pulley ($25 fleabay) based on the conversion manual. Later I got a 700r4 for $150 from craigslist. I'm in the process of rebuilding it. More on this later.
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