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  1. This is the front lower valence, front bumper cover/guard, and the lower grill from my 78 280Z. The valence has a small bit of surface rust but not rusted all the way through The front bumper cover/guard is for covering the USA bumpers but may work with other types of bumpers. It will bolt directly to the fenders as it is completely OEM. The lower grill is just that and has no rust. Valence- $20 Bumper cover/guard- $15 Lower grill- $10 Please see the pics and email/PM if interested. Thanks
  2. This is the complete OEM air cleaner housing assembly from my 78 280Z. It is in very good condition and only being sold because of my L28et build and will not be used afterwards. Please see the pics and email/PM if interested. Thanks $30.00 Without shipping Bump!! I need this gone!! Make me a reasonable offer with shipping...
  3. This is a PAIR (2) of original RS Watanabe wheels in size 14x 6.5. Overall, they are in good condition, however, one wheel has a small amount of aluminum missing from the lip (see pics). I bought these from another HZ forum member with plans to find two more wheels and just never did...so here they are... I took pictures of the rear that shows the markings and the sizes. Please see the pics and email/PM me if interested. Thanks $250.00 Without shipping Bump! Price reduced to $180 for the pair. Bump! These wheels need to go...make me a reasonable offer with shipping...the worst that I can say is no.
  4. This is a complete dashboard assembly with all gauges, wiring harnesses, and HVAC piping. There are no cracks in the dash whatsoever. There is no dash cap. It is from a 76 280Z. The only blemish is 2 small grayish areas on the upper top left of the dash (see pics) Please see the pics and email or PM if interested. Thanks $500 without shipping BUMP!! Still for sale... SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!
  5. Okay, do you have a set of these ready to go? Would I go to your MSN email to place the order or is it through PayPal (or both)? I also want to clarify that these brackets will allow me to use the 240Z bumpers on a 280Z (I have a 78)? I am in San Antonio, TX and does that price include shipping?
  6. I know that the shipping alone would be at least $20 due to the weight. PM me if you want to work something out.
  7. Is the price for the front and rear brackets or just one? I am ready for a set. Also, were you at ZCON in San Diego last week?
  8. They actually did sit level and was a perfect ride height. They are a bit heavy, but can be shipped. Just let me know.
  9. You are correct, I will edit the post. Thanks
  10. This is a pair of half shafts from a 83 280ZX Turbo. I was going to use these on my 78 280Z, but decided to go another route. They are in good condition, but, the boots are torn on both shafts. Otherwise, they are usable. I'm not sure what they are worth. Feel free to make a "non ridiculous" offer and if I accept it, they are yours plus shipping of course. Price: $40 plus shipping OBO Please see the pics and reply if interested. Thanks SOLD, SOLD, SOLD!!!!
  11. I bought these sway bars to upgrade the tiny stock ones on my 78 280Z. I've decided to go with an aftermarket set instead. They are in great condition and include the bushings and mounts. Please see the pics and email if interested. Price: $60 plus shipping
  12. This is a set of 4 springs that have 1 coil removed for lowering. I bought these from another Hybrid Z member and have decided to go with the coil overs from Arizona Z Car. I never installed these. They are in good condition. I don't know what they are worth, so make a decent offer. Your offer will NOT include shipping. Please see the pics and reply if interested. $15.00
  13. This is an OEM 60 amp alternator from my 78 280Z. The alternator was replaced just before I bought the car from the original owner and still has the Nissan label attached to it. It will also come with the adjuster bracket. Please see the pics and reply if interested. Price: $50 plus shipping
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