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  1. Its easy to talk about having a fast street car and there are some really fast street cars built by Hybrid Z members. My car has been some 8.60s 1/4 mile @ 159, It does have tags,insurance,and is driven on the street. Is it a real street car? Yes I could drive it from coast to coast probably without any mechanical problems and get decent mileage but does that make it a street car? Not really!!! Next time you get caught away from home and it starts pouring down rain and you remember you do not have a defroster,it's cold and you can't see to drive you may reconsider. I road in a friends supra a few months back and that was very impressive! The car had the original bottom end with a 88mm turbo,head upgrade,cams,etc... it made about 540 whp. We took a blistering ride with the ac on and a boston cd playing in the disc changer. This car was fast,quiet,and most of all very streetable. The guys who are smart enough to keep the power down to a streetable level so they can enjoy the car that took most of there time and money to build are the real street heros! So while some of us are talking about who has the fastest street cars others are having a blast just enjoying thier rides for more than just a 1/4 mile at a time.
  2. scottie, When you get all that power to the ground you are definately going for a ride. congratualations !!! Keep us posted on your progress.
  3. Just wanted to clear up an obvious mis quote from john @ jnjracing. I did order my hood and cowl panel as I said and they did not honor the prices from awhile back because the MSRP has gone up. As of last week I was still given a 30% discount off of the new MSRP pricing from the folks at RACEONUSA . The hood was 490 and the cowl panel was 350 add 200 for shipping and the total was 1040.00 to the door. John, not stepping on your toes but I just want people to have the facts. I'm in sales and I could not honor prices from 2 years ago either and just did not want RACEONUSA to lose a bunch of sales over a misunderstanding. I always like to get the best deal on a product that I can but do not expect to get something for nothing at the expense of someone else. Hope this will clear up a few things.THANK JERRY
  4. Ordered my cf hood and cowl panel today! My plans are to mount the front of the hood at the stock location and use 2 carbon fiber hood pins in the rear. My question is do you think this will be sufficient at 160+ m.p.h. I have already destroyed a light weight fg hood and do not want the same to happen to my new cf hood. I do not know much about cf stuff but I know that it is much stronger than fg so im thinking it should not flex as much? Any feed back or help would be much appreciated!!! Thanks Jerry
  5. Yes they are for a sbc engine in a z-car. the summit racing part # is 2147-1hkr and they sell for 679.95 new . Thanks
  6. Not sure how I overlooked price! 400.00 is the selling price and they are round port ceramic coated headers. THANKS JERRY
  7. For sale is a set of full length 1 5/8 tube Hooker Super Competition headers to fit 240, 260, and 280 Z. Please feel free to ask any questions including but not limited to emailing pictures. Thanks for looking, Jerry
  8. I to would like to have the wieght comparison on all of the z-car cf parts! cant wait to get mine.
  9. Warren, I want to thank you for rescheduling the DNI event. November is Great for me I hope It will be good for others as well !!! See ya there.
  10. Warren, I would vote for the next event being in the fall but will try to attend what ever date and place that is best for everyone. Boatwright
  11. Warren thanks for all of your efforts in trying to put on this dni event . I along with most of you was very dissapointed with the weather and was just hoping for a miracle that just didnt happen. With that said my son Spenser and I had an enjoyable weekend and hope that maybe we could reschedule this event for sometime later this year. Just wanted to say to Garrett, Scotty & Nicole that it's always good to see someone especially the younger folks have such a passion for the sport! For the rest of you older folks i really enjoyed your cars, conversation, and look forward to seeing you all again in the fall?
  12. Warren, sounds like its your time in the barrel !!! I think DNI will be a much needed break for us all. GET-R-DONE
  13. Bobby thats an awsome ride you want have any trouble selling it !!! How was your 60 ft. time ?
  14. Hey Barker, you are making way too many typing mistakes !!! Did you mean to type 3 and the break ? R U NUTS ? The only thing JNJ will get for free is the other side of the track . I really hate that this is what it's come to, so come hungry and don't be late. Just a quote from the Master (no need to go thru life scared......)
  15. Silver bullit, 1976 280z, 302 88mm turbo, Its a yes on friday night. looking forword to seeing everyone! If anyone is on the fence lets blow this event out!!! It only gets better with more people,see ya there. Boatwright
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