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  1. Looking to purchase either: An engine from a 240z/260/280/280zx (70-83). Pref. tested to be a running motor and compression tested. Local pickup within reason (2-3 hours) from where I live. (I'm located in Paramus, NJ 07652) Or Complete Engine Wiring harness from a 1982-1983 280zxt. Local pick up or shipped no pref. (Again located in Paramus, NJ 07652) Thank you for taking time to look at post, welcome any suggestions or comments!
  2. So... stupid question... but im confused... pictures are what I have... have a strangle feeling i have the wrong dizzy... or that im retarded... dont know which
  3. Looking for an '82-'83 AFM for the 280ZXT. Please PM with offers, will pay for shipping and thank you with a high five at next car meet!
  4. As Description says, looking for a 280ZXT Throttle Body pref '82-'83 with throttle body. Please send PM/pics if possible with price. <3
  5. I believe I have the GM HEI Ignition(?) I will have to double check. I'll print out the wiring guide, but if the block is from an '81 and the CAS (Thank you for the correction) is from an '83 will i have to replace any of the internals to accept the new CAS? On a previous thread I read it said this might be the case, but i'm failing to find that specific thread again. Again, thank you for responding.
  6. Long story short... Have Megasquirt, hate it (was installed incorrectly harness so molested at this point that its depressing), want to go OEM or as close as possible. Have: 1971 240z everything is stock 240z besides the engine. GM hei ignition 1981 280zxt engine Currently on engine: external '81 Distributor megasquirt ECU/kwik wire harness '81 280zxt injectors So... I want to remove the MS ECU and associated wire harness, Have a 1983 280zxt Engine harness/ECU/Distributor (10notch on spindle). Can i remove the MS EC/ Kwik engine harness, using it as a gu
  7. I bought a car that barely ran, the Alternator wasn't charging the engine, the headlights wouldn't work, the turbo didn't pool, and the Car ran either extremely rich and stalled or extremely lean and stalled. After re-wiring nearly half the car the car ran and drove with power but was still either rich or lean. I thought it was the tune (Turned out the tune was mapped for a 4 cylinder engine). So I pursued attempting to correctly tune the engine. Only reason I mentioned the distributor style was because I knew that there are different styles depending on the model year. I unders
  8. So long story short i have a 1971 240Z with a 1981 280ZX Turbo engine, The PO installed a Megasquirt ECU and I understand the idea behind Megasquirt but I don't have a laptop to fully utilize the software or the time and patience to properly re-wire and customize the program while I am in college. SO... I rewired nearly the entire car twice to no avail and finally decided to say **** the Megasquirt and just put an original ECU in and redo the wiring from scratch. I realize I have probably done more harm than good from rewiring, but NOTHING worked properly on the car (Funniest thing I found: A
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