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  1. Im swapping out my Su's for a Holley 4 barrel. But the SU's had water cooling does anyone have any suggestions how to block off the passageways from the water cooling for the SU's. Thank you
  2. i have a 72 240z with a pair of SU's in it right now. Ive been having a lot of trouble with them so i was thinking about getting the intake manifold from AZC and putting a Holley 390CFM on it. Will this preform better then the SU' or is it going to be worst then the SU's. Just looking for some feed back. Thank you
  3. The green arrows point to to hoses that come from the air pump and go into the intake i believe is called the balancer tube
  4. I was going to remove the air pump because it was making a horrible noise and i have aftermarket healers on it so it really isn't doing anything. I wanted to know what people think what i should use to block the holes or go about doing it. Also i wanted to know want the components in the re and blue circles are for and do i need them. Thank you.
  5. My air pump is starting to sound like a coffee grinder. On my 72 240z i removed the stock exhaust manifold and replaced it with a MSA 6-1 header. (I know this has nothing to do with it but i wanted to put everyone on the same page) Now if i remove the Air pump will i run into any problems thanks for everyone input
  6. how do i contact them? i can find a link on the page anywere
  7. i read that they didnt want to ship there radiators
  8. My current Radiator in my 72 240z is all rusted it does not leak yet but i would like to replace it with a aluminum radiator any ideas were i can get a good one that i can bolt in and maybe a electric fan as well i hear the ford ones will not fit my car
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