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  1. Yes, the plastic insert below the bumper and above the valance. I know that 79-81 non turbo grills are black. The 82-83 non turbo grill is body color and a different grill all together. The 82-83 turbo uses the 79-81 grill. On some colors it is definitely painted body color, but some part was black. I just did not look at it that much, but now all white just looks different. I'm thinking the vertical areas around the tow hooks and below are black. I bet this would give the horizontal area a floating look. The rest of the car is 100% stock, so I'm looking for that final touch. Thanks
  2. Anyone have a good picture of the stock turbo grill. Mine is all white, I know parts of it are supposed to be black and some body color. The lower valance was replaced at some point and the grill came back all white. Just want it to look stock with the black areas. Thanks
  3. After owning 5spd NA 280ZX's for over 25 years, then buying a 83T automatic I understand what you mean by granny car. In a test article by Motor Trend with a 81 auto they claim to do acceleration runs "from full blown wheel spinning launch" and show smoke pouring out of the rear tire wheel. I'd like to know how they did that. I've stood on the brakes and floored it(maybe I chicken out to soon with the brakes) to no avail. I'm never going to do a neutral drop. A road test articles of the 5spd. turbo states for 90% of the drivers on 90% of the roads the 5pd 280ZX NA is the way to go because it is much more responsive in the normal driving range. Lazy, is a good way to describe it out of boost. Early turbo cars just run this way, thanks to very low compression and bad turbo lag. I test drove a low mileage 83T in the mid 80's and I thought what a boring car. I had to learn to drive the turbo. Like stated in the post above, keep it in boost to rock and roll. I love driving it now, its a blast. You will want more and more boost.
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