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  1. I'm just speculating, but I'm thinking that a compressor with a high enough rating (higher than the spray paint gun's requirement by 15-20%) so it gives it constant pressure without relying on the tank. That's what I THINK, not sure if it's true. I'm just saying this after all the reading I've done and I still may be wrong.
  2. Alright, I guess it's not the time for me to buy an air compressor right now. Once I get my own place then I'll get a quality compressor, gun, etc. But regarding my replacement fender, I really do want to learn how to spray paint correctly. Someone told me that there are auto paint shops that have paints that would match the color code of my Integra in spray paint cans. I don't really mind messing up this replacement fender since all the stuff I bought to paint it ended up being much more expensive anyway. I'd much rather work on a car that I don't really care about than mess up on a car I act
  3. ...and I don't think the 7-gallon tank will be enough? What I got is a Craftsman 7-gallon compressor which runs 2.4SCFM@90PSI/3.7SCFM@40PSI. I have a spray paint gun that uses 1.6~4.0CFM that operates at 50-70PSI. Now that I look more carefully, members on this site have 20 gallon tanks and whatnot. I don't think I'll be able to store a tank bigger than 15 gallons in my garage unless I can keep it outside without getting it stolen... What if I try painting the car one body panel at a time? How would that work out? Basically what I'm trying to do is to learn how to spray paint car body pa
  4. Ride comfort along with high performance is like a black art in the automotive industry. However, I believe that a true performance vehicle doesn't need to be comfortable. As long an S30 can beat those jerks in German and ricer cars who think they're the king of the road, then I'll be more than content.
  5. So lately I've been wondering what actually makes a car handle better. Sure you could put the best suspension parts in the world, and gut out as much weight as you can. However, I don't think that is the case. I like to look at Top Gear's Power Lap sort of as a benchmark. The Bugatti Veyron that weighs nearly 2000 kilograms beats the much lighter cars like the Ariel Atom (approximately 500 kilograms). Maybe if there were more corners on the Power Lap the Ariel Atom could beat the Veyron. I've also gotten comments on how a car that is a much older generation does not have the kind o
  6. So long as there aren't a whole lot of problems like rust then that's a helluva good deal.
  7. Okay, I FINALLY got the... *flips pages* head bolts out. There was one that just wouldn't come out (took me three days just to get that one bolt out), until I realized that I unscrewed all the bolts in an incorrect pattern. Oh well. I'm trying to degrease the whole engine compartment so I used CDC engine degreaser and that stuff was CRAP (plus it has a heavy odor...). Sure the engine looked cleaner but 1.) I'm probably not going to use this engine, 2.) it didn't really clean the rest of the compartment anyway. What would you guys recommend for cleaning the compartment and getting rid of that r
  8. Is it easy to add a turbo on an L28E?
  9. Well my mother is one of those people who never really appreciates what she has and takes it for granted. I'm still having a bit of trouble finding cheap vehicle storage. I got an acquaintance who owes me 600 bucks, so I told him if he finds free garage space for me he doesn't have to pay me back.
  10. Am I reading this wrong? If a stock 280Z is 2800lbs, how the hell does it become 2560lbs just from removing the bumpers???
  11. Ah, well in that case I guess I'll give the garage better ventilation. Besides, there is no gas in the tank (so I've heard) so I don't think it really matters. Besides my parents always start their cars in the garage so who cares, right?
  12. Ah okay. Well my dad told me disassembling an engine near a heater is not the greatest idea (the heater that heats water and whatever else). What can I tell him to persuade him that it won't just spontaneously combust? Oh, and what would you guys recommend to get all this dust/grease/dirt off the parts? (e.g. solvents, wiping materials, etc) I used dish washing soap/detergent and it came out mediocre.
  13. At this point I'm pretty much convinced that the engine is rusted through and isn't worth much... Either way it'll take some time to fix it so in the meantime I need to find another place to keep the Z. However most storage centers do not allow non operational vehicles so I guess I'll have a fun time looking around on friday (I have a feeling most places will be empty today) A lot of Chevrons in my area are closing down, so maybe they'll let me rent out their little garage spaces there... If I were to get another engine, what would you recommend me doing? (e.g. what to look at closely, e
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