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  1. Going back to this thread just one more time? I'm Looking to use my 1970 series 1 to take my wife golfing 2-3 days a week (clubs will not fit in a 370), I dont want the 'I'm a 43 year old car' feel and she doesnt want the 'check me out i'm pimpin, while her coffee spills everytime we hit a change in pavement'. Also, I noticed nobody has mentioned wheel size. Doesnt that matter a little? If an early stock Z ran 15" wheels with a oem shock and a nice set of Eibachs, would this acheive a good combo? I want it a little lower, little stiffer and it must have a nice stance... Sorry about being repeditive. , but you have to cut me some slack, I'm a NEWBIE
  2. Hey, I'm new to this forum Dec 13, I joined mainly for tech questions. I currently have a 1970 series 1 that I am trying to make a comfortable modern ride with out comprising its 43 year old original looks.

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