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  1. zx28

    Need 240 drvr door and t56 trans

    Thanks guys for the speedy reply, I have been wrapped up with work, honey-do's, and getting my LT1 out of my 280 to put into the 240. I am located in N.W tennessee so I think a local pick up is out of the question. Thanks to both of you guys though.
  2. I am looking for a door in good shape for the driver side of my 240. The door I have has a massive dent in it like it was backed into and it is creased in a few spots. I have taken the outer skin off and i am going to try to fix it but if I can get a hold of a good door for not very many benjamins that would be great. I have also been on the hunt for a good t56 or other manual trans that I can put behind the LT1 instead of my th350. Just a heads up, I recently purchased the 240, and since it is in better shape than my 280 it will be getting the v8 swap. If I come across a nice ls1 t56 for cheap or a good 6.0 (lq4/lq9) I may sell the LT1...it is carb'd by the way. That would mean I have an original 76 280z engine and trans, original 240 engine and trans, Lt1 and th350, and also my 81 280zx whole car available for sale or trade I plan on listing these things in the for sale forum once i get some pics, but I wanted it to be known that I am willing to trade these other engines and possibly the 280zx if someone else wants to trade with me for something I need. Right now I am looking for: A driver door most importantly...or at least a good outer skin. I am considering other engine/trans options but if I move away from the LT1 I would like it to be a chevy ls* series or greater combo....looking for a good driver occasional racer set up. I need the panel above the tail lights that the hatch rests on and where the latch is....that whole flat piece from one side to the other. Uninstalled floor repair panels ....also looking for lots of money! I will continue to post as i need things or need to sell things. Thanks guys
  3. These pics start when i first got the car and go till i started to install the lt1. I havent found my more recent pictures yet. I will post when i do. You can see i started with manifolds in these pictures but soon switched to sanderson block huggers.
  4. :mrgreen:This is the very first engine swap i have ever done, and the car s body is still a little rough. I just got everything together about a week ago and here is a video of the first day i had it running. It may not look like much but i was just happy that i actually built the car and it runs great. Im not done with the car by any means so i will try to keep posting pics and such as i move on. Thanks for looking. ....please excuse the poor vid quality it was taken on a cell phone for lack of an actual camera at the time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtlh7Lv1M5c O by the way the engine is a 1994 stock lt1 that i converted to a carberator (holley 650) to keep from dealing with all the wiring associated with it, and the trans is a turbo 350.... burned out through all three gears and its still in one peice:) More pics and vids to come soon.
  5. zx28

    Why the lack of love?

    I own both datsuns as well. I have a 1981 280zx 2+2 and a 76 280 which is now under the knife and almost finished with an lt1 and turbo 350 trans:mrgreen:. If i had to pick a favorite between the two cars i would go with the s30 because it seems to have more of a muscle/classic car look to me without modifying the body. My s130 bone stock is ok looking, but with a little modifying like a msa type 3 body kit or something it would be a little easier on the eyes. I do agree with skib that the s130 is smooth riding though since i drive it almost as much as my dd. I do like them both however. As it has been said many times... beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  6. zx28

    81 280zx 2+2 starting issues

    No the lights dont go out. So if my solenoid is the problem, will my starter off of my 280z's original motor work?
  7. I have owned this 280zx for about three years now, when i bought it (for 300$) it was sitting behind a man s house for the past twelve years. I put a battery on the thing and turned it over a time or two after adding some new gas and the thing fired right up. I never had starting issues with the car until now. Here lately the car has been frustrating to start. If i turn the key everything comes on as usual, but when i turn it to start i can hear the fuel pump come on but the starter wont turn over. Usually by turning the key on and off a couple of times it ll start right up. It has been getting progressively harder to get it to turn over as time goes on, so im wondering what could be causing this. I ve checked connections, its getting fire to the starter, but it wont turn over with the key. Is my ignition wore out? Is there a relay i should check? any suggestions are appreciated. thanks
  8. zx28

    280zx 2+2 evaporater,blower,heatercore

    What would you want for the passenger side front and rear quarter panels? Do you have the vertical aluminum pieces that go on the exterior of the car between the driver and passenger windows and quarter windows?
  9. I have a 76 280 v8 project. I have just mounted the lt1 motor (which has been converted to carb) using the jtr brackets. The distributor fit so tight on the firewall that i had to take it out just to mount the motor. From reading all the post about jtr i kinda expected that. But my question is about the headers. I got the jtr (sanderson) headers for the conversion but the drivers side wont fit. The collector touches the steering shaft and from what ive read there should be at least a 1/16 clearance there, and the furthest forward primary tube hits on the motor mounts!? Ive checked and checked and im sure i got everything mounted right. Has this happened to anyone before? The only thing i didn t do was slot the datsun mounts on the crossmember but i figured the motor was far enough back already and the hei distributor was already on the firewall without slotting the holes. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks
  10. I own three datsuns 1st is a 1975 b210- currently decorating the yard 2nd is a 1976 280z- v8 surgery underway 3rd is a 1981 280zx 2+2- dd 115k
  11. what do yall think about these- should they fit without setting the motor back?
  12. Well i appreciate the info guys! I found a set of sanderson headers for sale on here so i may just try to buy them and go ahead with the whole jtr setup instead of just the spacers. - im running a turbo 350 for now by the way- it was cheap (100) and close by so i got it, i'd like to have a 700r4 though. thanks again guys
  13. Thanks for the link and info Davy.
  14. Well right now i have the jtr kit, i installed the motor with it but i really didn't like the distributor being against the firewall, so what i have right now is still using the jtr kit, but i just used the spacers that offset the motor, but i took out the set back and lowering plates and just set the motor (not bolted up tight yet) on top of the datsun mounts. So does that mean that the full length hooker headers like davyz said will work with my set up?
  15. I have a 76 280 with an lt1 installed. Will any block hugger header for the lt1 fit if the engine is just mounted directly on top of the datsun crossmember? Or do i need to set the engine back with the jtr kit to clear the huggers? jtr told me they could get me a set but they would have to wait for them to be made and they didn t know when that would be. Im looking for a set i can order and have pretty quick so that i can possibly have my car ready to drive before college starts back. any help or advice is greatly appreciated.