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  1. Does anyone in Southern California have a fresh E88 240Z head that they don't need Send me a PM if so
  2. I have one that I really don't want to sell but I will for the right price. I have the complete set up for a 240Z. 88 turbo LSD 80K miles Painted 88 Turbo CV's 280Z Mustache bar painted with new bushings 280Z axles with new bearings (not installed) RT diff mount Transverse link painted Smooth diff cover 280Z stub axles so you can used stock or 280Z half shafts $1500 for every thing All that is needed is MMS's coupler modification if you want the use the Turbo CV's I was going to put this stuff in my 240Z/LT1 but it's in Japan now so I can't. Don't really want to ship
  3. So I bought i set of pistons from a guy in Chicago. He said they were for a 240Z but they have dished tops and my pistons are flat. He sent a set of rings made by Beck/Arnley #0133863 which when I go to that web site it tells me that theses rings are for a 260Z. Are these rods and pistons interchangable? They look the same except for the dishing. What about compression differences? And can anyone tell me in what order the rings go on. There is only a red paint mark at the tip on one set which has a polished edge and a green paint mark on the other set with no polished edge. Which is the top one and which is the middle one? Help me out someone. I don't want to put the engine back together the wrong way Thanks Larry
  4. Do anyone happen to have a gas filler hose for a 72 240Z . This the one that goes from the gas cap down the the tank neck. The one I need has what I will call an overflow pipe or hole at the cap that returns gas or vapor to the vapor tank. If you have one let me know. Mine is schredded, I have a 280Z hose but it does not have the return pipe I spoke of. PM me if you have one Thanks Larry
  5. Do anyone happen to have a gas filler pipe for a 72 240Z . This the one that goes from the gas cap down the the tank neck. They vary from year to year because of the evaporator tank changes and the tank changes. The one I need has what I will call an overflow pipe or hole at the cap that returns gas or vapor to the vapor tank. If you have one let me know. Mine is schredded, I have a 280Z pipe but it does not have the return pipe I spoke of. By filler pipe, I mean a 2 1/2 inch rubber pipe PM me if you have one Thanks Larry
  6. I am in need of a couple of 72' 240Z pistons with rings if possible and low mileage. I have a couple that I can't get the old rings out of. The car was in storage for 31 years. If you have some, PM me with all the details. I am also looking for a oil pick up screen. I damaged mine with my floor jack.Thanks, Larry
  7. UPDATE, Well I did the PB Baster thing but it didn't work. With the head off I could not see any serious problem so I pulled the pan. Saw nothing there so I decided to pull a piston or two. The pistons didn't want to come out. So I drove the out with a 4 lb mallet and at first a piece of hardwood. Still didn't budge so I used a steel rod and this time the piston moved but at the same time I noticed that the connecting rods were not moving. I couldn't move them from side to side so I started to think that they were also frozen up. The problem with removing the pistons is that you need to be able to rotate the crank but with stuck pistons and frozen rist pins, that crank was not going to move. But with a lot of persistance and a pin stuck into the counter balane balancing holes with a long pipe attached and the use of the starter I was able to move the crank a 1/4" at a time untill I was able to pry the rods over into alignment and pound out the pistons, #5 and #6. Now I will have a shop remove the rist pins and rings, clean and reassemble them and I should be good to go..... to the next step. The head after sitting for 31 years looks kind of sad, The are 4 or 6 valves that have sat open so I am going to have it rebuilt What next??? The carbs are seized also but with a little PB Blaster and WD I was able to get the butterflies working again but they probably need to be rebuilt. I have been told that the SU's are easy ro rebuild. Does anyone know what is involved? Next time you see an engine that has been sitting for a long time, you'll know what to expect and this was stored in side too. The good news is that with a little rubbing compoud, the original paint should clean up nice. It did so on some test spots but I have to find a remover to remove some side molding that was put on with adhesive without removing the paint. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks for the 4-barrel offer but this is a completely original 57K mile 72Z so I want to keep it stock, If not I'll just drop in a LT1 and be done with it. Larry
  9. Could anyone tell me is 260Z carbs would work on my 240Z. The ones I have are frozen up after sitting for 31 years so I have found a couple of 260Z carbs to replace them with if they will work ok. Maybe someone has some available, let me know Larry
  10. Check the LA Craigslist. There were a couple $500, $800 and $1200 or something like that. Just search "1975 280Z" and they will pop up.
  11. Update on my request for parts. I have the car now and it came with a set of tail lights so I don't need those after all. Also it came with a bent bumper that I think I can have straightened so that leaves me needing the front center valance. A good one with no dents or rust. Brown if you have it. Let me know
  12. Looking for both Tail lights for a 240Z and I need the rear bumper. I also need the front valance. If you have any of theses parts, I am all ears
  13. Could anyone tell me what a RB25det with an Automatic would be worth. I know of one but I don't know what I should pay for it. If I buy it I might resell it. I guess what I want to know is what anyone here would pay for the engine and trans combo? Let me know what you all think. Thanks Larry
  14. Yea it could be one or two of the rear cylinders causing the problem. The pan is currently back on the car so I'll have to wait on that but no matter which cylinder I will still have to pull the head and then I will know for sure what is going on. Actually I don't own the car, still in negotiations. I was planning on another LT1 conversion but then again I might want to keep it stock. Sold my last 240Z LT1 for 12000 and the buyer wants 3 more. Mine is now in Japan living life. If I had known that that is where it was going to end up, I wouldnt have sold it. I had a lot of myself in that car. Larry
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