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  1. How would you advise I go about fixing the corroded pump cover?
  2. Is it possible to fix either of these timing covers? Any advice? The first one looks like the water pump wouldn't seal right and the second one had an easy out break off in the distributor mounting hole and was then... tortured...
  3. Hey everyone, I have a 1983 280zx N/A 2-seater. I had a broken wire connector so I took it off, assuming the wire colors on both sides would match, and I didn't label which wire each wire connects to. I've looked at the wiring diagrams multiple times but I can't seem to find the correct wire connector. Could someone take a look at their car and let me know which wires connect together? The connector is by the battery, EFI and horn relay underneath the plastic "door". Here are some pictures- Here is the connector: Wire colors (green, yellow, blue/red, black): Corresponding wires that I need to match up w/ the wires in the picture above (yellow/black, blue/red, blue/yellow, blue/green): Any help or advice is appreciated, thanks!
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    Engine Bay

  5. EZ-83

    Rear Brakes Project

    New brakes, rotor, brake dust shield deleted, painted caliper mount and new brake caliper
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    Dreaded Rust

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