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  1. If you have basic skills with tools then it shouldn't be too hard...
  2. Hey all I just recently got done putting a waterpump in my 83 280zxt and ripping out the ac. And now it's idling really rough, we had to move the maf to get down to the compressor and removed the bracket in the process. It sounds like it has a vacuum leak but I've checked every hose I can find. Is it possible that my maf is bad? What do y'all think this might be? Edit: I forgot to add when you add throttle it backfires into the intake...
  3. Coming from a guy that switched from domestics to imports, throwing a sbc in there won't prove anything to your friend. If anything he'll say that you conceded that american engines are better by putting one in your car.
  4. Not my engine bay, just looked it up on google, I wish my engine bay looked that good.
  5. If your car is backfiring that is a surefire that something is causing your fuel air ratio to be screwed up. More towards the rich than lean. Check to see if your dizi is centered and doesn't have an advance or retard, if its backfiring and hesitating at certain rpm's especially the rpms when boost kicks in I'm thinking that the a/f ratio is REALLY rich, which would mean the timing is retarded. I hope that helps a bit. Maf is located right up against the drivers side front of the engine bay on near the core support. I'll find a pic of one or take one tomorrow whichever comes first. It's the silver box in front of the charge pipe.
  6. Excuse my ignorance, but I've been looking at RB26 swaps lately. What is the crank collar used for exactly? Also, this oil drain mod looks like a GREAT alternative to the desynz motorsports head drain kit.
  7. I was going to take pictures of it during the process, but I only got the chance to snap pics of the sanded and finished product. I'll see if I can do a write up.
  8. Taped them off and then peeled the tape off after the paint cured:icon14:
  9. Hey all, as it says I finally got the chance to paint it I'll post up some before and afters... The last on is when it was sanded. Let me know what y'all think:biggrin:
  10. Got it a few days ago and the clutch already went out:icon51:
  11. Car wont go into gear when on, press the clutch pedal in and it doesn't go into gear, the clutch already felt like it was giving out and it was slipping badly right before it did. It will go into gear when the car is off though. Also the clutch flywheel set I found on ebay says for 2+2 only will that make a difference if a have a 2 seater or will I need to find a 2 seater version? That doesn't seem like it would make a difference but I'm new to these cars...
  12. Just found the exact same thing, except the price is different I think I might snatch it up...
  13. Hi all, kinda sucks that my first post is about how to fix my car, I bought it 2 days ago and yesterday the clutch went out. I have a few questions, will the Arizonazcar clutch fit my car, and what other clutches will fit? I have heard the 300zx clutch will fit but I haven't found any hard evidence on this. Thanks in advance...
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