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  1. I've got an early 74 so fitment into my car isn't an issue, but yes I agree the price is high and I wanted to see if others held that same opinion. Unfortunately I've come to realize that seems to be the going rate in these parts.
  2. First off if this is the wrong section I aplogize, this seemed to fit best for the questions. Anyway I am looking at buying a complete but rusted out parts car so that I can piece back together my rust free shell I acquired a few weeks ago. The owner said he doesn't know if it runs or when the last time it was ran but he says it turns over by hand and he hasn't tried starting it because he has no use of it since it came with another car he purchased. So my question is would his price of 1100 dollars be fair for the car, the items I need from the car are engine, trans, mounts( since I'm putting it back to stock from a v8), dash, hood, seats, grill, bumper, and a lot of little stuff here and there. I'm really just looking for opinions on the car. thanks!
  3. I'm been looking for a complete matching lockset for a 280z. which is tge Matching Key Driver+Passenger Door locks Rear Hatch Lock Ignition "Tree" assembly thanks
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