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  1. Hey guys, finally starting to work on the car again as it warms up a bit up here. Time to buy a catch can... Can some of you guys post your catch can setups and hose routing. Looking for ideas. Feels good to be back at it! Oh and one more quick question about fuel cell setups. My vents for my cell run down through the floor but it comes out fault close to the exhaust. It this something I should worry about? Thanks again!
  2. Is yours finished alain? I'd like to see right where your putting it in your rad. What kind of fitting are you welding in?
  3. How are you guys plumbing your coolant crossover line? Are you putting it through the water pump? Or return on the rad? Just curious to see what you guys are doing and what fittings/hoses you're using.
  4. Finally got the car started for the first time. Things seemed fine other than burning off the header paint and other fresh paint. Still need to make an intake and wire my fans but other than that hopefully on the road soon! Here's a few pictures of the exhaust tacked together, hopefully get it done in the morning. Managed to get the diffuser to fit, and using the Volkswagen Phaeton exhaust tips it all seemed to work out pretty well. Putting the exhaust under the diffuser obviously kills the point of it in the first place, but then again a diffuser is kinda pointless without the entire bottom of the car designed for it. Either way I thought it turned out pretty good for just spare parts I had laying around.
  5. Well everything is wired up I believe. (Besides gauges). I'm ready to fill everything with oil and try to start it. Still need to make a gas pedal bracket and an intake and MAF housing, but deal with that later Does anyone have an experience starting a crate engine for the first time? I've heard I need to get a tool to prime the system. Then other people say to just fill it with oil and start it normally. I was worried for the time it's gonna run with no oil but a few other people have had no issues. Just looking for opinions. Thanks again everyone.
  6. Ok thanks for the input! Maybe it's just terminology that was throwing me for a loop. For some reason I thought the "ignition relay" was just for my starter but I guess it makes more sense for it to be for your spark, going by the fact the want switched power in it all the time.
  7. Quick question.. Do you guys run a relay for your starter? Or can I use the (if memory serves the green/yellow wire) that is only hot during cranking for my starter solenoid? And run that wire directly to solenoid and should I install a fuse for just the starter? I was thinking my new ignition relay was for my starter, but is ignition relay actually for spark plugs/injectors maybe? I think the document said it wanted switched power and cranking power, so that wouldn't make sense for a starter in my mind. My fuel pump relay I used this same wire, switched power and crank power, is that how you guys did fuel pump as well? Thanks again! I'm using a PSIconversions harness (if that matters) Edit: also my fuel pump relays coil looks like it's supplied by the ECU, I think it was a green and black wire on their harness. I was expecting to wire the coil myself, but I guess the ECU needs to know if fuel pump is running? Sorry just a but confused hoping someone with more experience can help sort me out.
  8. Sounds similar to what I've got. LS3 crate engine, aeromotive cell. Except I went with corvette filter/reg and just the 1 line to the fuel rail like factory.
  9. Have a spare factory diffuser from my lotus and a VW Phaeton W12 parts car here. Stole the exhaust tips from it.... Gotta cut the the bumper a bit to make it sit more flush, but you get the idea.. What do you guys think?
  10. Well I bought a power distribution block I think it was designed for car audio but should work for me it's got fuse holders in it as well. What I did I mounted battery in the back(not mounted yet) but I've got 0ga wire running from battery to my distribution block (under passenger dash) then from there I've got a fused 4ga running to starter and 8ga from starter to alternator. Hopefully that's fine. What I'm wondering tho is where is the best place to take my accessory power for my fuel pump relay and beat place to grab ignition power for my ignition relay.
  11. Well thanks to help from you guys I've got my alternator in. I've got my engine harness installed(engine bay side. Still under dash to do) Finished up my fueling. Lines run, mounts made and installed. So I believe all I need to do now is put in fuel pump relay and ignition relay and I believe I can start the car. Will be a while doing gauges I imagine. Any advice for wiring the car? Where did you guys grab your power from? Fuse block? Thanks again!
  12. Awesome. Thank you guys! What I don't understand is how you get an alternator to fit if you have the close "Vette spacing" would it have to be custom bracket or mounted up too to fit?
  13. Sorry for the barrage of questions today, but like I said earlier I'm excited about my car again and want to get shit done! I've got a friend of a friend with a 2001 LS1 camaro who just bought a new water pump for his car. If I traded him the one off my car, this one would just bolt right on and give me the correct spacing? Also if I get his water pump does that mean I could also just buy an LS1 camaro tensioner? This route seems like it would be a good bit cheaper for me!
  14. Oh trust me I know the pan is way to shallow. Just pushing it out of my garage, which has VERY little slope I crushed my oil filter. My car is DUMPED. If LS2 pan can't be taken off with JCI mounts that makes my decision a lot easier. Ok, so I get a corvette tensioner due to the shape of my water pump? And just to reconfirm.. I want a 2004 corvette (z06 or base) tensioner? This will clear my LS3 water pump and give me LS1 spacing? Now I just need to get a picture of my water pump so you guys can confirm if those spacers will work for me. I feel like I'm making some progress with your guys' help. My project went stagnant for a while, but with your guidance I'm getting some motivaton to get back at it. THANK YOU ALL!!
  15. I've got another guy semi local, who is doing LS2 swap. He's got an LS2 corvette pan and it's significantly more shallow than mine. From my research here people seem to use the LS1 fbody pan typically. What are people's opinion? Which would be better to go with? I know the LS2 Corvette pan he has is up above the steering rack, is the LS1 fbody pan also like that? Here's a pic of my LS3 pan... Lol.
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