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  1. No thanks. I'm not trying to have a big project on my hands while I'm busy with school. Nice color though
  2. I'm in central jersey. But I will travel for this car
  3. Thank for the sites. IDC if it's modded or not because I'm going to make it my own anyways. Just as long as it's clean
  4. Anything as long as its clean and under 20k$ Any milage Any distance Im tired of dreaming for this car. I need one If you know other websites where I can find z's LMK Email me @ e2marti@yahoo.com
  5. Yeah email me please
  6. Engine swapped. I don't care what its swapped to. It could be LS, rb, sr I don't care.
  7. Kinda looking for rb or sr20 swap but don't really care I have around 20k to spend. Just because I have the $$ doesn't mean I want to spend it all. I need a z that is swapped and or clean. Distance doesn't matter. I live in new jersey and if the car is on the other side of the country it may take some time to do a deal because I would like to see the car in person. Help me out Email me @ e2marti@yahoo.com
  8. I'm looking for a 240/260/280z with light or major mods I also want one that has been swapped already or a z that is In semi good condition that I can do the swap myself Don't want a project car or roller Any location is fine. I will go anywhere to find this car Message me on here or email me at e2marti@yahoo.com
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