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  1. Hello, I had read somewhere about the sensor wires possibly being switched. Tried swapping them with no effect on the "Not RPM Synced" syndrome. I had a buddy that is well versed in MS and TS check out my setting in TS highly confident that all is good . Was able to check spark again by pulling the plug on cyl 1, grounding it to the engine, and then cranking it. good spark and it was timed with compression stroke . With the plug out I was able to see the spark and feel the compression. Seemed very reasonable. Next I reinstalled the plug for cyl 1. Since I had spark we decided to try starting fluid sprayed in intake. Like Magic She RAN! Not well but ran. EDIS and MS are not talking! How? very excited that is runs with some help from a little Either. This means that the EDIS is Functioning, ie timing is somewhat close and the sensor is working. right???? Very perplexed about the non communication issue.
  2. Almost forgot! no, no tach reading during cranking.
  3. Ok, So I double and triple checked how the PIP and SAW signal wires are hooked up to MS. It all looks like its connected as described according to EDIS-6 wiring diagram and a relay board connection diagram. The grey wire with orange stripe (position one on EDIS connector) is connected to position labeled Tach ( 15th from the left on relay board) . This should Be PIP. Pink wire (3rd down on EDIS connector) is connected to poston labeled S5 (11th from left on relay board). This should be SAW. Pin 36 on DB-37 to MS. Will it fry anything if I swap the two wires in question? Im assuming not since they are signal wires?! I am dying to try!!! I think its very close to being hooked up right!
  4. Good Morning all of you Z lovers, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I have searched around on the forums and haven't found anything that could help my situation. I am attempting to run Edis-6 with MegaSquirt II v3.57m on my L6 3.1 stroker. Using Tuner Studio MS v3.0.28 . Recently I was able to get a friend that is well versed in the use of MS. He looked things over and didnt find anything out of the ordinary. So we tried starting the engine. No dice! We checked for spark and we have it. In Tuner Studio the only alert that I see is "Not RPM Synced" Im guessing that means MS is not getting a Tach Signal from EDIS?
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